Abu Ali Hader is the second one from the left in the picture above

How does a Syrian businessman take advantage of his position to take over the #Syrian market for baby food and circumvent sanctions? Meet Abu Ali Hader , a businessman who is close to Maher al-Assad (brother of the President and commander of Division 4).

Abu Ali Hader purchased a franchise for a Polish baby food brand (“Nutri Baby”). Based on his connections with the regime, he caused a delay in the approval process for the import of the competing baby food compounds, thus creating an artificial crisis and a shortage in the Syrian market.

All this to take over the market through the brand he purchased. To circumvent sanctions, Abu Ali Hader brings the raw materials for the product separately to #Syria. In Syria, they are mixed and have an almost absolute monopoly in the territories under the control of the regime.

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Picture of Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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