A Weekend of Terror Attacks in Jerusalem

A serious attack in Jerusalem around a synagogue in Neve Yaakov neighborhood. A terrorist from Shuafat in East Jerusalem shot and killed 7 civilians and injured another. The terrorist has been eliminated. All over the Palestinian Authority & Gaza, there are expressions of joy.

A culture that celebrates murder and terror. This is the common denominator of Palestinian terrorism and Shia terrorism. Indoctrination to hate.

This is what education for hate looks like a large presence of children and youth in the parades and joyous celebrations.

The face of evil and hatred. This is the terrorist who murdered 7 civilians in Jerusalem about two hours ago in the area of a synagogue. Alkam Khairi, 21 years old from East Jerusalem.

Alkam Khairi

After another shooting attack in Jerusalem today (Jan 28) carried out by a 13-year-old boy wounding 2 civilians, Hezbollah and Hamas praise the 2 attacks. For them, these are acts of “heroism” and “bravery”. How is a culture of hatred and death indoctrinated at such a young age?

Here’s a short article that explains everything. The principle is similar in both the Shia axis and in the Palestinians.

This is the 13-year-old terrorist who shot 2 civilians today (Jan 28) and was shot and wounded by a security guard at the scene. In Israel, even terrorists who came to kill are medically treated. This is what a huge cultural difference looks like in one video.


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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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