Escalation in the North: Summary of the Rocket Launch Events From Syria to Israel (April 08 / 09)

On April 8 at night, 3 rockets were fired from southern Syria toward Israeli territory. Unclear at this point who fired it. Suspects include; Shia militias, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Golan file, and local militias (Sunni, Druze, or Palestinian) cooperating with Shia Axis-we know of 30 “mercenary” militias in this area.

As of writing these lines (April 9), there are indications that Ismail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force, has arrived in Damascus.

Ismail Qaani – Commander of the Quds Force

According to local reports, the rockets were launched toward Israel from the Tel Jumou area. One rocket fell in Syria, one in Jordan, and one in an open area inside Israel.

During the night (April 9) 3 more rockets were launched into Israeli territory from southern Syria. In response, the IDF attacked 8 military targets and launch zones, among others, in the Nahtah area, Azra’, and El Ba’ath.

A Palestinian militia named “Leua’ Al-Qads” (Jerusalem Brigade) allegedly “took” the responsibility for launching some of the rockets and the artillery unit of the militia called “South Lebanon” carried out the shooting. The militia’s name and commander, Muhammad Ahmed Saeed, has been known to us for about 10 years as a proxy mainly for the Syrian regime and the Shia Axis. It is possible that today it operates under the fifth division of the Syrian army mainly in the Deir el-Zor area. It is not clear if it actually launched the rockets.

“Leua’ Al-Qads” (Jerusalem Brigade) logo

Saeed was born in the Bab al-Nirab refugee camp in Aleppo, a construction engineer by profession, and the owner of a large construction company in Syria that established many projects in collaboration with the regime, especially with senior intelligence officials and the Air Force.

It is very possible that the firing of rockets from Syria is intended to convey another message to Israel that the fight against it is united by all sectors.

Muhammad Ahmed Saeed
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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