Hezbollah’s Takeover of the Golf Club Course in Beirut

On April 29, the Lebanese MTV network published a report which stated that Hezbollah is working to take control of the golf club grounds in Beirut.

Why does Hezbollah want to take over this area?

The areas bordering the golf club from the north and south are areas that we have located as belonging to the area used by Hezbollah’s medium-range Fatah 110 missile deployment infrastructure in the city of Beirut. In this area, there are launch, maintenance, and storage sites for these missiles array.

See a special report published by us on the subject

The golf club course is located in the middle of this area, which is controlled by Hezbollah. Civilian activity on the golf course can reveal Hezbollah activity. In addition, the geographical terrain of the golf club course is very suitable for the location of launch and storage sites. Therefore, Hezbollah wants to take control of the entire area and create one sterile zone under its control.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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