The Directorate of Intelligence of the Lebanese Army

Incidents also broke out the past week on the blue line on the Israel-Lebanon border, in the Mount Dov-Kfar Shuba area. Many photos and videos have appeared on the networks. One image sheds light on a lesser-known Lebanese power factor operating in the border area. The Intelligence Directorate of the Lebanese Army. In the photo, you see a man in civilian clothes with an AK rifle and a dark identification vest with the inscription: “The Army, Intelligence Directorate”. The Directorate is the intelligence unit of the Lebanese army which investigates the threats aimed at homeland security, the military system, and thwarting espionage and terrorism. Established in January 1981, it reports directly to the Commander of the Armed Forces. In its framework, three central divisions operate: The Department of Homeland Security: monitoring and collecting information on citizens, detecting actions that pose a threat to the interests of the state and national security, thwarting espionage, and more. The Strategic Security Division: coordinates the activity in enemy territory and in countries that have interests in Lebanon. Collecting enemy intelligence with an emphasis on military, political, economic, and social issues. The Tactical Intelligence Division monitors the enemy forces’ situation, location, and movements. The members of this wing are stationed in the various sectors and follow closely. The Directorate works in close cooperation with Hezbollah.

LAF using RPG to threaten IDF soldiers.
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Tal Beeri

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