Airstrike in The Area East of Al-Kiswah – August 21

On August 21, another airstrike was carried out, apparently south of Damascus in the area east of Al-Kiswah. According to local indications, a military base belonging to Division 1 of the Syrian army was apparently attacked. It was the fourth attack since 2019. We would like to point out three prominent key insights that characterize the activity of the Iranian corridor in #Syria in 2023:

1. We recognize an accelerated trend of assimilating the activity within the infrastructure of the Syrian army.

2. A lot of weapons and equipment arriving through the corridor are stored in the Damascus area (9 attacks out of 18 carried out so far in 2023 were aimed at that area).

3. Iran continues to prioritize the land corridor (continuation of the trend from 2022). This is based on the working assumption that the challenge of surveillance of the land corridor is bigger.

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Tal Beeri

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