Who Are You – Mohajer 10? How New Are You, Exactly, Or Is Your Name the Only Thing That’s New?

On August 22, the Iranians allegedly unveiled a new UAV. The UAV is known as Mohajer 10 (nicknamed “Quds”). According to the Iranians, the UAV can remain airborne for 24 hours, has a flight range of 2,000 kilometers, and can achieve a maximum altitude of 7 kilometers (21,000 feet). The UAV is capable of transporting 300 kilograms and operating a variety of weapons, including guided missiles and bombs. It is claimed to have photographic abilities, electronic warfare, and intelligence capabilities, among others.

At this time, the Iranians’ claims regarding the Mohajer-10 cannot be verified. Assuming this is a new UAV with accurate data, we are familiar with already existing Iranian UAVs with similar flight ranges, flight durations, flight altitudes, weapon types, and capabilities.

The Iranians are information warfare experts. It is well-known that the Iranians have a propensity to assign multiple names to the same existing weapon: occasionally they reveal weapons that are ostensibly new (missiles / UAVs, etc.), but in reality, they are existing weapons that were previously known by a different name.

As is customary for the Iranians, the introduction of the “new UAV” was accompanied by a psychological warfare campaign. The campaign included threats against the Dimona nuclear reactor and claims that Israel would revert to the “Stone Age”… (In light of the recent statement by the Israeli defense minister that if Hezbollah draws Israel into war, Lebanon will revert to the Stone Age).

Above: “Mohajer 10”.
Above: The threatening poster – The Mohajer- 10 Supposedly flying over the nuclear reactor near Dimona. They presumably wanted to write “Prepare for a Return to the Stone Age” in the title, but the machine translation tool they employed was inadequate, to say the least, and instead wrote mistakenly in Hebrew “Prepare for the Trip to the Stone Age”…

The Mohajer 10’s exterior resembles the Shahed 129, which was used operationally in Syria: it is an extremely large UAV measuring 8 meters in length and 16 meters in width. The UAV has a range of up to 2,000 kilometers and can remain airborne for 24 hours. Maximum flight altitude of 24,000 feet (8 km). Capable of carrying anti-tank missiles (as many as eight “Sadid” precision missiles). Equipped with an infra-red night vision system. this UAV is equipped with a radar warning system (All these are similar/identical features to “Mahjar 10”).

Above: the “Shahed 129”

In addition, on May 21, 2021, Iran allegedly unveiled a brand-new MALE (Medium Altitude, Long Endurance) UAV named Gaza. Presumably, the name was adopted because of the fighting between Israel and Hamas at the time (Operation Guardian of the Walls). This UAV’s external appearance and characteristics are also comparable to those of the “new” Mohajer 10 and Shahed 129 (all of which are strikingly similar to the American Reaper MQ-9 UAV. The Iranian UAV industry is renowned for its expertise in reverse engineering).

Above: Model “Gaza” (courtesy of “Mosaic” – technical intelligence review)

According to our knowledge, the “new” UAV (“Mohajer 10″) appears to be devoid of novelty. It is conceivable that this is simply a new name or version of a well-known UAV (Shahed 129, Shahed 149, or “Gaza”). Even if it is a new UAV, based on the available data (assuming they are accurate), we do not identify any unique characteristics or capabilities that increase the current threat posed by the Iranian UAV Army.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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