Southern Syria – Jbab – Ammunition Explosion

According to local reports from #Syria, an explosion happened on September 17 in the afternoon close to the town of Jbab and the 89 Brigade (Foj 89) Syrian army camp in the Daraa province.

Some reports attributed the explosion to an Israeli attack, while others claimed it was an explosion of old ammunition. We estimate the source of the explosion was a result of a malfunction or disposal of old ammunition and not an Israeli attack.

It is important to note that north of Jbab are the mounts of Tel Nabi Yousha and Tel al-Kaid, which we know have bunker and ammunition depots as well as deployment sites for radar and anti-aircraft systems used by the Syrian army. Additionally, there is a known “southern command” presence from Hezbollah and Iran in this area.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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