General Assessment:

The major event that characterized the previous 24 hours was the incident at Gaza’s Al-Ahli Hospital. Last night, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) launched a missile that landed in the Al-Ahli Hospital parking lot in Gaza, scattering shrapnel and igniting numerous vehicles. Without conducting any investigation, the Hamas terrorist organization falsely claimed that the explosion was caused by an Israeli airstrike and that 500 innocent Gazans were murdered. Many international leaders and major news outlets followed Hamas’ false account of events, resulting in a bombardment of condemnations against Israel and outbreaks of wrath in Arab countries. After several hours of investigation, Israel produced unequivocal proof that the incident was unquestionably caused by a faulty PIJ missile and that Israel had nothing to do with the tragic incident.

Comparison between the blast site of a Mark 48 bomb with JDAM kit – Joint Direct Attack Munition (top) and the blast site at al Ahli Hospital (bottom). Not only was the crater in the parking lot less than 30 cm deep, but the spray and other ordinance effects were inconsistent with anything in the IDF inventory. Hamas also admitted in an intercept that the shrapnel on site was either theirs or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In the last 24 hours, the IDF has continued its assault against Hamas terrorists across Gaza, striking and killing terrorists, including those directly responsible for the horrific attacks on October 7th, and all Hamas terror assets and infrastructures. The IDF is responding to all Hezbollah provocations in the north by striking back at the sources of the attacks.  In Gaza, the IDF struck and killed the leader of Hamas’ ATGM force.

The IDF has repeatedly urged Gaza City inhabitants to move to a safe humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip’s southwest, in the Al-Mawasi area, where international aid will be directed in the future through the Rafah crossing. Simultaneously, Hamas terrorists attempt to impede their evacuation through persuasion or force, to exploit these civilians as “human shields.”

Hezbollah continues to taunt and harass Israel in what appears to be a war of attrition. So far, we’ve seen one ATGM attack on the Israeli community of Shtula and small arms fire towards Zarit in the last 24 hours. President Biden’s visit to Israel today may have discouraged Hezbollah from carrying out further attacks.

So far, according to the IDF: 1,400 Israelis have been killed since Saturday morning Oct. 7, among them 299 fallen soldiers. 3,900+ Israelis wounded. 199 Confirmed kidnapped, and many more missing. 6,000+ Rockets were launched into Israel.

Operational Updates:

Northern Arena:

– At 3:05 a.m. this morning, Hezbollah terrorists launched an ATGM into the Israeli village of Shtula, injuring four Israelis. In response to the incident, the Israeli Defense Forces began artillery strikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.

-At 15:50 p.m., small weapons fire was fired from south Lebanon towards the Israeli community of Zarit.

Just in:

  • – ATGM attacks on IDF outposts and communities near Shlomi and Manara. Artillery rounds are being fired at the attacking sources by IDF units.
  • – The Israeli government authorized the evacuation of northern settlements within five kilometers of the border.

Gaza and Southern Israel: 

  • The IDF’s attack in Gaza is still ongoing with the killing of Hamas terrorists those directly responsible for the horrific attacks on October 7th, and all Hamas terror assets and infrastructures.  the prominent target slain was of Head of the Central Division of the Hamas military wing, Ayman Nofal, “Abu-Ahmed.”
  • Rocket attacks throughout the Past 24 hours towards south and central Israel continue.

– An increase in failed Hamas PIJ missile launches within Gaza, resulting in fatalities and destruction among Gaza residents.

International Arena: 

  • – US President Biden arrived in Israel this morning to express his unambiguous support for the State of Israel, meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, sitting in on the Israeli special war council, and meeting survivors and relatives of abducted Israeli citizens languishing in Gazan captivity. 
  • Due to the misfire of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) rocket that exploded in the parking lot of the Gaza Al-Ahli Hospital and the fabricated propaganda message by Hamas that the explosion was caused by an Israeli airstrike, the quadrilateral conference initiated by Jordan’s King Abdullah has been canceled. Therefore, US Vice President Joe Biden, Egypt’s el-Sisi, and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas will not convene to discuss the volatile regional situation.
  • The United Nations Security Council will convene today to discuss the consequences of the Gaza war and the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
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