General Assessment:

During the last day, the IDF conducted targeted raids in the Gaza Strip and struck dozens of terror targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. IDF forces that included infantry, tanks, and engineering under the command of the ‘Gaash’ Formation (36) and accompanied by IDF helicopter gunships and UAVs raided the center of the Gaza Strip. As part of the activity, IDF aircraft and artillery struck terror targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Shuja’iyya area and throughout the Gaza Strip. During the activity, the IDF identified and struck numerous terror targets, including anti-tank missile launch sites, military command and control centers, as well as Hamas terrorists. The troops exited the area at the end of the activity. No IDF injuries were reported. 

Last night and today till the early evening hours there were no security incidents at the northern border. At 16:30 Hezbollah terrorists launched missile attacks against IDF outpost near Avivim and toward the Misgav-Am area.

– So far, according to the IDF since Saturday morning Oct. 7, 1,400 Israelis were killed, among them 311 fallen soldiers. 3,900 Israelis wounded. 229 Confirmed abducted, and 100 missing. Since the beginning of hostilities, Thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel.

Operational Updates:

Northern Arena:

-During the recent week, the IDF successfully targeted a considerable number of anti-tank missile launchers aimed against Israel. The IDF’s measures substantially hampered Hezbollah’s capabilities and achievement in this area. The IDF’s capabilities resulted in around 50 Hezbollah operatives being killed. Is the relative quiet in the last two days an expression of quiet, or is it the calm before the storm? Is Hezbollah recalculating its strategy in response to the failure of the anti-tank attacks?

This afternoon Hezbollah renewed its attacks against Israel. A shooting towards Misgav Am led to the IDF returning fire at the source of the shooting. No injuries were reported in Israel.

-Since yesterday, the total count of Hezbollah terrorists killed since the beginning of hostilities stands at 46.

Gaza and Southern Israel: 

Last night, based on precise IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF fighter jets struck three senior Hamas operatives in its Daraj Tuffah Battalion. The terrorists had participated in previous attacks against Israel. The terrorists killed are:

– Batallion Commander, Rifaat Abbas

– Batallion Deputy Commander, Ibrahim Jadba

– Combat Support Commander, Tarek Maarouf

 The Daraj Tuffah Battalion is a battalion in Hamas’ Gaza City Brigade, which is considered the most significant brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization. The battalion’s operatives played a significant role in the invasion and murderous attack against Israel on October 7th.

In another strike, the IDF and ISA targeted the Commander of Hamas’ Western Khan Yunis Battalion. Overnight, the IDF killed Madhat Mubasher, the Commander of the Western Khan Yunis Battalion of the Hamas terrorist organization. Madhath took part in explosives and sniper attacks against Israeli civilian communities and IDF soldiers.

– Overnight, IDF soldiers of Flotilla 13 conducted a targeted raid from the sea in the southern Gaza Strip. During the activity, the soldiers struck Hamas military infrastructure and operated in a compound used by Hamas’ commando naval forces. Israeli Navy vessels and aircraft took part in the activity. The soldiers exited the area following the activity.

-Furthermore, over the past day, IDF fighter jets struck over 250 military targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. These included tunnels, dozens of Hamas operatives, operational command centers, and launch sites.

-Israeli forces are continuing to attack and destroy Hamas terrorist hideouts, infrastructures and command posts, killing Hamas operatives. The IDF has repeatedly urged Gaza City inhabitants to move to a safe humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip’s southwest, in the Al-Mawasi area, where international aid is supplied via the Rafah crossing. Simultaneously, Hamas terrorists attempt to impede their evacuation through persuasion or force, to exploit these civilians as “human shields.” Throughout the past days, IDF forces attacked those Hamas positions impeding the civilians from moving south. A recording of a conversation between an officer in Unit 504 of the Intelligence Division and a resident of the Gaza Strip was revealed, in which the resident of the Gaza Strip details the actions taken by Hamas to prevent residents from moving south. In the recorded conversation the Gazan explained that Hamas operatives at the roadblocks are turning the people around telling them to return to their homes.

14:20 – Heavy rocket barrages were launched from Gaza toward central Israel, A house was damaged and caught fire in Tel Aviv with several civilians slightly injured, direct hits were reported also in Ashkelon.

Rafah crossing – Altogether, Since the beginning of the war, Israel has permitted approximately 40 trucks delivering humanitarian aid, medicine, medical equipment, and food to enter the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. It is reported in Israel that all equipment is inspected by security forces before its entry into the Gaza Strip.

-Since the beginning of the war, the IDF has identified hundreds of failed Hamas rocket launches that fell inside the Gaza Strip, killing and injuring Gazans. The Hamas terrorist organization uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields and launches rockets from civilian infrastructure, areas, and buildings in the Gaza Strip.


– An “unidentified UAV” fell into a building adjacent to a hospital in Taba, on the border with Israel, in the early hours, according to an Egyptian army official. Later, another projectile crashed near an electrical plant in the desert area of Nuweiba, roughly 70 kilometers from the Israeli border, according to two Egyptian security sources. Several trustworthy accounts claim that the UAVs were launched from the south, from the direction of the Red Sea. Even though no one has claimed credit, there are rumors that the UAVs were launched by the Houthi-Iranian proxy forces in Yemen.

Judea and Samaria:  

So far, since the beginning of the war, approximately 1,030 terror suspects have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Bekaa and Valley Division, over 670 of whom are affiliated with Hamas.

International Arena: 

– The United States has conducted airstrikes on IRGC munitions storage sites of Iranian-backed proxy militias in Syria. “The strikes took place at roughly 4:30 a.m. on Friday in Syria near Abu Kamal, a Syrian town on the border with Iraq, and were carried out by two F-16 fighter jets using precision munitions. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated the strikes were in self-defense from the series of attacks on US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria. As tensions soar over the Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S. and coalition troops have been attacked at least 19 times in Iraq and Syria by Iran-backed forces in the past week. Yesterday, another pro-Iranian militia attack on an American army base in northeastern Syria. The Pentagon revealed that about 900 more U.S. troops have arrived in the Middle East or are heading there to bolster air defenses for U.S. personnel amid a surge in attacks by Iran-affiliated groups.

– The British Prime Minister is working to promote a temporary truce in the fighting. In addition, British forces are on standby in Egypt for the rapid removal of British citizens, residents of the Gaza Strip, in a time window that will allow this through the Rafah crossing.

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