Today’s Headline:

IDF soldier PVT. Ori Magidish, was rescued last night in an IDF and ISA daring operation from Hamas captivity. Tonight, the IDF announced that PVT Magidish was rescued during a ground operation after she was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, in the horrendous Hamas attack on Israel. She had been serving on the border as a field observer, monitoring the border fence via electronic means. Her unit, like many others, was among the first to be attacked. The soldier was medically examined, she is in good condition and she met with her family. The IDF spokesperson declared that the IDF and the ISA will continue to make every effort to bring about the release of all the abductees.

PVT. Ori Magidish before the war, was captured on October 7th and rescued the night of October 29th in an IDF/ISA raid with no casualties to Israeli forces.


In the north, Hezbollah is continuing its offensive campaign against Israel. In response to the rocket and mortar fire from Lebanon during the past day, IDF fighter jets struck a number of military targets belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon. During the strikes, Hezbollah terror infrastructure was targeted, including a military compound and observation posts.

In the Gaza Strip, throughout the night, the IDF expanded its ground operations. During clashes with terrorists in Gaza, IDF soldiers killed scores of terrorists who barricaded themselves inside structures and attempted to attack the army. As IDF spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari stated: “We are constantly assessing the situation, making graduated progress according to our operational plans. The offensive activity will continue and intensify according to the stages of the war and its goals.”

The Goals of the War as presented by the IDF:

  1. Destroying Hamas’ apparatus – No more Hamas rule over the Gaza Strip.
  2. Annihilating Hamas and PIJ’s military and administrative capabilities.
  3. Distancing and removing all threats from the Gaza Strip.
  4. Deterring the enemy from escalating the northern arena: Maintaining stability in Judea & Samaria and throughout Israel.
  5. Bringing home, the hostages held in Gaza.

– So far, according to the IDF since Saturday morning Oct. 7, 1,400 Israelis were killed, among them 311 fallen soldiers. 3,900 Israelis wounded. 239 confirmed abducted (40 of them foreign nationals working in Israel), and 100 still missing. Since the beginning of hostilities, Thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel.

Operational Updates:

Northern Arena:

-IDF forces attacked a terrorist squad in the Yakinton region that attempted to launch anti-tank missiles into Israel. Furthermore, an IAF UAV attacked a terrorist identified as a drone operator as he approached Israeli territory in the border area. In addition, IDF authorities killed a terrorist who approached the border in the Hanita area. Two PIJ terrorists were killed in an attempt to infiltrate the Hanita area, according to the terrorist organization.

-Since the start of the conflict, IDF units under Northern Command have foiled numerous terrorist squads in Lebanon, most of them before they completed their mission and fired into Israel. Infantry units, commandos, tanks, and artillery, as well as Air Force aircraft, maintain a high degree of defense preparedness and operate around the clock to eliminate the threat. The IDF forces continue to conduct defensive operations while also preparing to carry out new operational plans.

– The situation in the northern sector is continuing to escalate, since yesterday, after several incidents of anti-tank missiles and mortar shelling.

At 1:00 in the morning, two terrorists of the PIJ who tried to enter Israeli territory near Hanita were killed by IDF forces.

At 14:40 the IDF attacked Hezbollah infrastructure near the border in response to terrorists shooting at an IDF outpost. No casualties to our forces.

At 15:00 missiles were fired towards the Western Galilee where alarms were sounded. In response, the IDF attacked Hezbollah targets on the border.

At 16:10 an alarm was activated in the Moshav Alkosh area due to rockets that exploded in an open area with no casualties.

At 17:00 the IDF attacked a terrorist squad that was trying to launch PGMs towards Israel. In addition, an anti-tank fire was reported from the Lebanese border towards Biranit, there were no casualties in the incident. The IDF continues to respond to events immediately both by attacking the terrorist squads and by destroying Hezbollah’s infrastructure on the border

-Since yesterday, the total count of Hezbollah terrorists killed since the beginning of hostilities stands at around 49.


-Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati: “Lebanon is in the eye of the storm, we want to spare it the war and stop the Israeli provocations on the border. The Lebanese people do not want war”. Mikati blamed the cross-border violence, which has also seen attacks mounted on Israel that were claimed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, on “repeated Israeli provocations” and violations of Lebanese sovereignty.


Last night, a number of launches from Syria toward Israeli territory were identified. In response to launches from Syria toward Israeli territory earlier yesterday, an IDF aircraft struck military infrastructure in Syrian territory. The launches fell in an open area. Reports from Syria stated that the IAF attacked sites of the pro-Iranian militias in Deraa, in the south of the country.


Iranian President Raisi: “The Zionist regime crossed the red lines, which could push us all to action. The US asked us to do nothing – but continues to support Israel extensively. The US sent a message to the Axis of Resistance, but received a clear response on the battlefield”

Gaza and Southern Israel: 

During clashes with terrorists in the Gaza Strip, IDF troops killed dozens of terrorists who barricaded themselves in buildings and tunnels, in an attempt to attack IDF troops. In one incident, an IDF aircraft guided by IDF ground troops struck a staging post inside a building belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization, with over 20 Hamas terrorist operatives inside it.

Today, the IDF continued to expand its ground operations in the Gaza Strip. During engagements with terrorists in the Gaza Strip, several terrorist cells that attempted to attack the forces were thwarted by IDF troops, with support from IAF helicopters and UAVs. The troops also destroyed terror infrastructure, including anti-tank missile launchers and other launch pads.

Based on IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF troops killed four prominent Hamas terrorists in the last few hours. Among the terrorists killed were:

– Jamil Baba, commander of Hamas’ naval forces in its Central Brigade

– Muhammad Safadi, commander of the anti-tank missile unit in the Tuffah Battalion

– Muwaman Hijazi, a prominent operative in Hamas’ anti-tank missile unit

– Muhammad Awdallah, a senior operative in Hamas’ production department 

Furthermore, over the 24 hours, the IDF struck over 600 terror targets, including weapons depots, dozens of anti-tank missile launching positions, as well as hideouts and staging grounds used by the Hamas terrorist organization.

– The IDF continues to urge Gaza City inhabitants to move to a safe humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip’s southwest, in the Al-Mawasi area, where international aid is supplied via the Rafah crossing. Hamas terrorists are attempting to impede their evacuation through persuasion or force, to exploit these civilians as “human shields.”

Hamas has continued to demonstrate its capabilities to launch missiles into Israel in recent days. Today, rockets were launched toward the South, Jerusalem, and Center, all the missiles were intercepted by Israeli air defenses or determined to land in open areas.

Rafah crossing on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip remains open for the flow of humanitarian aid carrying, medicine, medical equipment, and food, yesterday, following US pressure, Israel increased humanitarian aid, and according to UN statements, another 33 trucks crossed into Gaza. The IDF emphasizes that all equipment is checked before entering the Strip. According to a report in the Washington Post, Israel has agreed to speed up inspections to allow 100 aid trucks into Gaza each day.

Judea and Samaria:  

So far, since the beginning of the war, about 1,070 wanted persons have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Bekaa and Valleys Division, about 700 associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

International Arena:

– The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) on the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group is passing through the Red Sea en route to stage off the coast of Israel under the orders of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

– US President Joe Biden: “I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the developments in Gaza – we discussed efforts to secure the release of hostages and help the Americans in Gaza leave safely, and I emphasized the need to immediately and significantly increase the flow of humanitarian aid to the citizens of Gaza.”

– Mike Johnson, the new chairman of the US House of Representatives: “I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu and assured him that the House of Representatives under my leadership will support Israel unquestioningly – until the end.” “Our nation’s biggest ally in the Middle East is under attack. The first bill I will bring to this floor will be in support of our dear friend Israel. We are overdue in getting it done.”

– US forces under attack: A report of a missile and rocket attack by the pro-Iranian militias towards the base of the American forces in the al-Omar oil field in eastern Syria. At least three strikes against this base alone in less than 24 hours.

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