Daily Update May 16, 2024, 02:00 pm – Northern Arena

  1. In the past 24 hours, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for six attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire (including Grad rockets), anti-tank missiles, and UAVs.
  2. In addition, there were three events of UAV infiltration into Israeli territory in the Upper Galilee and Mevo’ot HaHermon region and the city of Kiryat Shmona for which no responsibility was claimed.
  3. Yesterday (May 15) Hezbollah launched two suicide UAVs into Israeli territory. One of them hit a Security facility around Golani Junction, which is located at an aerial distance of about 40 kilometers from the border with Lebanon. According to Hezbollah, the attack was another response to the elimination of Hezbollah senior Hussein Ibrahim Makki on May 14. 
  4. In response to this attack, the IDF struck Hezbollah’s weapon production site, which dealt with issues of missile accuracy or UAVs, in Baalbek. 
  5. As a response to the IDF attack, this morning, Hezbollah launched about 40 Grad rockets toward the Golan region. The target, according to Hezbollah, was a military base. Photos taken of the attack on social media (credit unknown).
  6. Also, this morning, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for attacking Haifa oil refinery using UAVs. No further indication of this attack was reported.
  7. In the past 24 hours, the IDF struck several Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon including military compounds and rockets launching posts around Jabal Rezlane, Blida, Ayta ash Shab, and Halta.
  8. The IDF struck Hezbollah targets including rockets launching positions and military compounds around Ayta ash Shab, Odaisseh, Khiam, Kfarkela, Meiss El Jabal, Kharayeb, Halta, and Yaroun.
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Dana Polak Kanarik

Dana Polak Kanarik

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