Daily Update June 10-13, 2024, 03:00 pm – Northern Arena

  • In the past 72 hours, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for forty-one attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire (including Grad and heavy Burkan rockets, anti-tank missiles, suicide UAVs, and anti-aircraft missiles.

  • In addition, there were twelve events of UAV infiltration into Israeli territory in Upper Galilee, Mevo’ot HaHermon, Maale Yosef, Mate Asher, the Golan Heights, and the cities of Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona, for which no responsibility was claimed.

  • On Monday and Tuesday (June 10-11) the communities of Shtula, Evan Menachem, Netua, Metula, Misgav Am, Kfar Blum, and Gesher Haziv were attacked by high-trajectory fire (including Grad rockets) and anti-tank missiles. In most of the attacks, Hezbollah claimed that these were responses to IDF attacks in Lebanon.

  • On Monday (June 10) Hezbollah launched a surface-to-air missile toward Israeli UAV type Hermes-900. The UAV fell in Lebanon territory.

  • In response, the IDF struck the complex of Hezbollah Unit 4400 in Baalbek, the logistical reinforcement unit in charge of smuggling weapons to and from Lebanon.

  • In response to the IDF attack in Baalbek, Hezbollah carried out several attacks against Israel, one of them included launching about 50 Grad rockets at the Golan Heights.

  • On Tuesday (June 11), in an IDF strike at the Nasser unit headquarters in the village of Jouaiyya in southern Lebanon, Taleb Sami Abdullah (“Haj Abu Taleb”) was eliminated along with three other senior staff members of the Nasser unit. Abu Taleb was the commander of the Nasser unit of Hezbollah on the southern front (equivalent to a division commander).

  • Following the IDF strike, Hezbollah carried out nine attacks as a response to the elimination of its official: launching over 200 Grad rockets toward the communities of Sasa, Safed, Miron, Amoad, Shomera, and Baram; two events of launching Burkan heavy rockets toward the Zarit area and launching suicide UAVs toward the Hermon area.

  • The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for three attacks in the northern arena: on June 10 against a military target in the Golan Heights, on June 11 against a target in Haifa port using a UAV, and on June 12 attacking a target in Haifa in a combine operation with the Houthis, There was no further indication of the attacks.

  • In addition to the IDF strikes mentioned, the IDF stroke Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon including compounds, rocket launching positions, and terror infrastructures around Aitatoun, Ayta ash Shab, Meiss El Jabal, Yaroun, Deir Aames, Hanine, Yater, Taybeh and Markaba, Aynata and Tallouseh.

  • In addition, IDF soldiers shot artillery fire to remove threats in Salhani, Ayta ash Shab, Hanine, and Rachaya Al Foukhar in southern Lebanon.

  • Attached is a video and photo of the rockets launched at the Safad area and a video of the fire in Biria forest caused by Hezbollah rockets. All taken from social media (credit: unknown).
  • A short time ago, several alarms were heard throughout the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights following the launching of rockets and UAVs from Lebanon. Hezbollah launched about 40 rockets and five suicide UAVs -reports of several casualties from shrapnel and extensive fires.
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