Is the Al-Abbas Brigades Unit Subordinate to the Nasser Unit?

Until today, we knew that the “Al-Abbas Brigades” unit is a special Hezbollah infantry unit which is independent, consisting of several battalions established at the end of 2019, specializing in offensive combat. We estimated that it is stationed in southern Lebanon and participates in combat alongside Radwan and the geographic units.

 What can we learn from the attached photo, where you see the commander of the Nesser unit, who was killed on June 11, speaking?

 On the screen behind him, the symbol of the Al-Abbas Brigades unit is projected from the top right, inside which is written “Al-Abbas Brigade”.

 Pay attention to what is written under the symbol: “Al-Abbas Brigades Appreciation Event, Nesser Unit” (On the left is a religious sentence in the context of Imam Hussein(.

From what is written under the symbol, it can be assumed that it is possible that the Al-Abbas Brigades unit is in fact subordinate and has belonged for some time to the geographical units on the southern front and operate under the Nesser unit.  It can be assumed that, unlike the Radwan unit, the Al-Abbas Brigades unit does not currently operate as an independent unit.

The operatives of the Al-Abbas Brigades, together with the operatives of the geographic units, were supposed to be part of the invasion of the Galilee led by the Radwan unit.

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