Weekend update: June 13-16, 2024, 2:00 pm Northern Arena

  • In the past 72 hours, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for twenty-eight attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire (including Grad and Falaq rockets), anti-tank missiles, and suicide UAVs.
  • In addition, there were three more events for which no responsibility was claimed: two UAV infiltrations into Israeli territory in the Golan Heights, and two projectiles fired at the community of Yaara.
  • During the weekend, Hezbollah targeted the communities of Yir’on, Kfar Szold, Metula, Margaliot, and Misgav-Am using anti-tank missiles and high-trajectory fire (including Grad and Falaq rockets).
  • The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for three attacks in the northern arena: on June 14 against Ramat David military base, on June 14 against a target in Haifa port using UAVs, and on June 15 against a target in Haifa using cruise missiles. On June 15, the IDF announced the launch of an interceptor toward a suspicious aerial target that was identified as approaching toward Israel from the east. In the two other events, there were no further indications of the attacks.
  • On Thursday (June 13), Hezbollah carried out a combined attack using rockets and UAVs toward eight military targets in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights. In practice, many rockets fell in civilian areas. Attached is a video from the city of Katzrin documenting the impact (taken from social media, credit: unknown). According to the IDF, about 40 launches and 16 UAVs were identified, (of which 11 were intercepted by IDF forces). According to Hezbollah, this attack was part of the response to the elimination of the commander of the Nasser unit, Abu Taleb.
  • On Friday (June 14), Hezbollah launched about 35 Grad and Falaq rockets toward the city of Kiryat Shmona and the community of Kfar Szold. Attached is a video of rockets hitting the community of Kfar Szold (taken from social media, credit: unknown).
  • Hezbollah continues targeting forest areas, trying to set fires. Over the weekend, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for attacking Dovev, Netua, Mount Adir, Adamit, and Baram forests. Attached is a video documenting the fires from the weekend in the Yir’on community area (taken from social media, credit: unknown).
  • Yesterday (June 15), Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles toward the Miron Base and UAVs toward a military base in the Western Galilee. According to Hezbollah, these attacks are also part of the response to the elimination of Abu Taleb.
  • In the past 72 hours, the IDF has struck several Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon, including terror infrastructures, compounds, launching positions, and a weapon warehouse around Deir Seryan, Jarmac, Odaisseh, Kfarkela, Yaroun, Ramyeh, Houla, and Aitaroun.
  • In addition, IDF soldiers shot artillery fire to remove threats around Aitaroun in southern Lebanon.
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