Weekend Update June 20-23, 2024, 02:30 pm – Northern Arena

1. In the past 72 hours Hezbollah claimed responsibility for 18 attacks using high-trajectory fire (including Grad rockets), anti-tank missiles, and suicide UAVs.

2. Also, no responsibility was claimed for three UAV attempted incursions, which were intercepted. These occurred around Dishon and Malkia, southern Golan Heights, and Misgav (center of the Galilee).

3. On Thursday (June 20), in an airstrike near Deir Kifa, Israel killed Abbas Ibrahim Hamza Hamada, the commander of Hezbollah operations in the Jouaiyya area. Hamada was responsible for planning and carrying out terror attacks against Israel and commanding Hezbollah ground forces in Jouaiyya. Over the past few months, Hamada worked to further embed Hezbollah’s forces in southern Lebanon as part of efforts to improve the terrorist organization’s ground combat capabilities.

4. In response, Hezbollah launched Grad rockets toward Zarit in the Upper Galilee and a suicide UAV toward a military base in the Western Galilee.

5. Yesterday (June 22), Hezbollah carried out two attacks against the community of Metula and another against the community of Manara, hitting civilian buildings using anti-tank missiles. Attached are photos of the damage caused in the community of Metula.

6. Yesterday, in an airstrike in the village of Hiyara in the Beqaa, Israel killed Ayman Hashem Ghatame, a military commander in the Al-Fajr forces. The Al-Fajr forces are the military wing of the Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya organization, which operates under the auspices of Hamas Lebanon.

7. In response, Hezbollah launched suicide UAVs toward a military base around Beit Hillel and this morning to a military base around Ayelet Ha’Shahar.

8. In the past 24 hours, the IDF struck several Hezbollah terror targets including a Hezbollah surface-to-air missile launcher, weapons storage facilities, compounds, terrorist infrastructures, and observation posts around Rihan, Houla, Tallouseh, Meiss El Jabal, Aitaroun, Yaroun, Taybeh, Deir Seryan, Khiam, Ayta ash Shab, Yaroun, Ramyeh, and Kfarkela

9. In addition, IDF soldiers shot artillery fire to remove threats in several areas in southern Lebanon, including Ayta ash Shab, Jibbain, and Tallouseh.

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