Daily Update July 3-4, 2024, 03:00 pm – Northern Arena

1. In the past 48 hours, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for 29 attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire (including Grad, Falaq, and Burkan rockets), anti-tank missiles, and suicide UAVs.

2. On Tuesday (July 2), Hezbollah fired Grad rockets toward the city of Kiryat Shmona. According to Hezbollah, this attack was a response to the IDF attacks in Lebanon.

3. Yesterday (July 3), Israel eliminated the Aziz unit commander (one of the three geographic units in southern Lebanon), Muhammad Naama Nasser (Haj Abu Naama).

Nasser is the third Hezbollah senior commander eliminated in 2024, after the commanders of the Radwan and Nasr units.

4. In response to Nasser’s elimination, Hezbollah carried out several attacks:

5. Yesterday, Hezbollah launched Grad, Falaq, and Burkan rockets toward the northern Golan Heights, the Upper Galilee, and the city of Kiryat Shmona.

6. This morning (July 4), Hezbollah carried out a combined attack, firing 200 rockets and launching 20 suicide UAVs to the Golan Heights, the Upper Galilee, the Western Galilee, and the Lower Galilee. According to Hezbollah, the targets of these attacks were military bases, but many rockets hit civilian areas and caused fires and sever damage to property. Attached are photos and videos of the damage from the launches taken from social networks (credit: unknown).

7. In the past 24 hours, the IDF struck Hezbollah compounds, infrastructures, and launching positions around Yarine, Yaroun, Blida, Aitaroun Tayr Harfa, Chihine, and Blat. In addition, IDF soldiers shot artillery fire to remove threats in the areas of Labbouneh, Chihine, and Chebaa.

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