Daily update: Israel at war Oct 14, 2023


Daily update: Israel – Hamas war 

Day 8 – 14/10/2023, 22:00 PM Israel time

General Assessment: 

These 24 Hours mark important operational achievements to the IDF, with the elimination of 2 Hamas seniors, the thwarting of terrorist attacks from the north (arial interception and ground infiltration), Gaza (infiltration attempt from a tunnel) and Judea and Sameria. 

The IDF has been completing efforts to repair and reinforce breaches and neutralize explosives hidden along the Gaze security fence, in preparation for a ground invasion. Preparations included the IDF’s call on Gaza City residents to evacuate their homes, distributed through a variety of different means. 

Hezbollah is taking its time in its involvement in a full-on war with Israel, but it is still testing its limits; Palestinian infiltration squads, drones, light shooting etc. Enough to keep it in the headlines and avoid criticism that it is neglecting the Palestinians but not enough to drag it into war not on its terms. The coming days will tell if Hezbollah will open a front with Israel, likely with a substantial rocket fire increase.

Operational Updates: 

Northern Arena: 

– The IDF attacked a Hezbollah target in southern Lebanon in response to the infiltration of unidentified aircrafts that were intercepted and shot down. 

– IDF observations identified a terrorist squad attempting to infiltrate into Israeli territory from Lebanon. An IDF remotely manned aircraft attacked the squad and killed a number of terrorists. 

– A number of launches were identified from Lebanese territory towards the Har Dov area. In response to these launches IDF forces attacked the source of the fire.

Gaza and Southern Israel: 

– The IDF has been completing efforts to repair and reinforce breaches and neutralize explosives hidden along the Gaze security fence. Including eliminating a number of Hamas operatives exiting a tunnel shaft from inside the Gaza Strip. 

– IDF fighter jets attacked an operational headquarters of the Hamas terrorist organization, from which the organization’s aerial activity was conducted. During the attack, 2 seniors who took a large part in Saturday’s deadly attack, were killed.

The IDF has called on residents of Gaza City to evacuate their homes. The call was distributed through a variety of different means, in order to try to minimize harm to uninvolved civilians.

Judea and Samaria:

 – The Central Command in Judea and Samaria detained about 220 terrorists, including about 130 affiliated with Hamas, and about 10 terrorist attacks were thwarted. Detainees included two senior figures, one an operative in the leadership.

Guest Writer – Mayan Sarnat

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Guest writer

Guest writer

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