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The Alma Research and Education Center is a non-profit (501c3) and bipartisan organization with the mission of making in-depth geopolitical knowledge about the Middle East accessible to English speakers. In addition to offering field briefings at various lookout posts along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and Syria, we also provide lectures and workshops around the globe based on our daily research and analysis of the developments in Israel’s border conflicts. Because all of our research team reside in Israel’s northern border communities, we are uniquely equipped to combine our professional expertise and background with a first person perspective of how the conflict is affecting life near Israel’s borders. Our work addresses the changing cultural climate and current trends in Muslim societies in light of other events in Israel’s neighboring countries, while focusing on how they all impact the IDF’s security challenges along Israel’s volatile northern border. The Alma Center is funded by private philanthropists from all over the globe who believe in our cause.


Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Sarit Zehavi is the founder and president of Alma – a nonprofit and an independent research and education center specialized in Israel’s security challenges on its northern border. Sarit has briefed hundreds of groups and forums, ranging from US Senators, Congressmen/women and politicians to senior journalists and visiting VIP groups in Israel and overseas. Sarit scripts numerous position papers and updates focusing on Lebanon, Syria and Israel’s national security challenges. She served for 15 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, specializing in Military Intelligence. Sarit holds an M.A. in Middle East Studies from Ben-Gurion University.

Sarit Zehavi and her husband Yaron are raising their 5 children in the Western Galilee.


Tal Beeri 

Director of the Research Department

Avraham Levine 

New Media Director

Colin David

Graphic and Video Editor

Shay Shemesh

Internship Coordinator

Omry Naftali 

Content Editor


Lisa Zecharia


Hala Hino

 Social Media Coordinator

Henry Zaher

Logistics & Reservations Coordinator

Research Fellows

Erez David Maisel

Brigadier General (Res.)

Teddy Sapir

Ph.D. Student in Middle Eastern History


Yaakov Lappin

Military Affairs Correspondent and analyst

Nir Levitan

Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution

Mayan Sarnat

Senior Analyst in the Security Field

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