Daily update: Israel at war Day 11 Oct 17, 2023


update: Israel at war

1117/10/2023, 18:00 PM Israel time


General Assessment:

These 24 Hours mark important operational achievements to the IDF, with forces foiling an infiltration attempt from the north, killing the terrorists and responding with artillery at the sources of the fire.  IDF warplanes further attacked operational headquarters and military infrastructures of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, killing a Hamas senior.

The IDF has been completing efforts in preparation for a ground invasion. Preparations included the IDF’s call on Gaza City residents to evacuate their homes, distributed through a variety of different means, while Hamas terrorists try to prevent their evacuation in the hope of using these civilians as “human shields.”

Hezbollah continue to test its limits, with infiltration, shootings and rockets on the same day.  Political officials in the Middle East and the US confirm that the organization is preparing the military formations, including increased rocket fire, and is waiting for a decision in Tehran that reportedly will finalize its decision upon an Israeli invasion of Gaza. Biden’s upcoming visit will likely deter the Iranians as well as delay the Israeli invasion.

So far, according to the IDF: 1,400 Israelis were killed since Saturday morning, among them 299 fallen soldiers. 3,900+ Israelis wounded. 199 Confirmed kidnapped, and more missing. And 6,000+ Rockets were launched into Israel.

Operational Updates:


Northern Arena:

– Around 01:30 a.m. this morning, IDF troops observed terrorists on the border fence near the community of Hanita, placing an explosive device in an apparent attempt to infiltrate Israel. The soldiers opened fire, killing the four terrorists. In reaction to the infiltration attempt, the IDF launched strikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. 

– Later that morning, around 10:15 a.m., Hezbollah terrorists launched an anti-tank missile towards the Israeli village of Metula, injuring three troops. While extricating the wounded, the IDF retaliated with artillery and tank fire. 

– An anti-tank missile was fired from Lebanon against an IDF outpost on Ramim Ridge (near Kibbutz Manara) around 13:20, leading to the closing of roads in the region. The IDF retaliated by bombarding the attack’s source. 

– Three IDF soldiers were injured when, at 14:54 this afternoon, two anti-tank missiles were launched from Lebanon in the direction of the Northern Galilee near Kibbutz Yiftah. Targets in Lebanon were targeted by the IDF in retaliation. As per Lebanese sources who cited the Lebanese Red Cross, 3 Lebanese from the village of Alma el Chaab were killed. 

– JUST IN: Incoming rocket sirens are sounding in the northern town of Kiryat Shmona and nearby towns on the Lebanon border. Two launches from Lebanese territory to Israeli territory were detected. One target was successfully intercepted by the air defense fighters, another target was not intercepted according to policy and fell in an open area.

Gaza and Southern Israel: 

– The IDF’s attack in Gaza is still ongoing. The head of the Gaza Ashura Council, Osama Al-Mazini, was killed in an Israeli bombing directed by the IDF and the GSS. He was in charge of the Palestinian prisoner file and directed terrorism against the State of Israel as part of his duties. Previously, Al-Mazini was the Hamas government’s minister of education, and he was in charge of the Gilad Shalit issue. 

– Hamas on Monday night released the first clip showing an Israeli hostage being held by the terror group in the Gaza Strip. The short video showed a young woman, 21-year-old Mia Schem speaking to the camera. She told the camera that she was operated on and asking to be returned home as soon as possible.

International Arena: 

– The United Nations Security Council convened today to discuss the consequences of the Gaza war and to vote on Russia’s proposal to create a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The Security Council voted 5 to 4 to reject the Russian Federation’s resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

– CENTCOM Commander General Kurilla came to Israel today to meet with his Israeli counterparts. 

– Jordan’s King Abdullah issued a warning today against attempting to force Palestinian refugees into Egypt or Jordan. Tomorrow, he will host a quadrilateral conference with US Vice President Joe Biden, Egypt’s el-Sisi, and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the volatile situation.

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