Photo above: The five eliminated Hezbollah combatants belonging to the Radwan Unit, including Abbas Muhammad Raed (Sarraj Raad) the son of a senior Hezbollah member Mohammed Raad, the leader of Hezbollah’s faction in Lebanon’s parliament.

The hostage deal implementation, originally planned to commence today (Thursday), has been postponed. Qatar announced: that the ceasefire will start tomorrow (Friday) at 7:00 – 13 abductees will be released in the first pulse at 16:00.

Israeli government decision number 1107 from yesterday (Wednesday): 50 Israeli abductees will be returned to Israel in exchange for 150 convicted Palestinian security prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons. The release process will be extended over 4 days, during which there will be a ceasefire.

In addition to the release of Palestinian prisoners, Israel has agreed to allow significant amounts of aid trucks and fuel into Gaza, as well as to suspend overhead (intelligence gathering) flights over the Strip for the duration of the cease-fire, and from 10:00 to 16:00 over the north of the Strip.

Since Saturday morning Oct. 7, 1,225 Israeli civilians have been murdered.

-392 IDF soldiers were killed in action.

-More than 8,822 Israelis wounded have been evacuated to the hospitals so far.

 -236 confirmed abducted civilians and IDF soldiers.

-10 of the 35 abducted children are under the age of 5.

-18 of the abductees are elderly people aged 75 and older.

-Since the beginning of hostilities over 10,726 rockets have been launched into Israel.

– To date, an estimated 126,000 Israelis have been officially required by a government directive to leave their homes in the communities and towns adjacent to the northern border and the Gaza Strip (97 communities in the north and south), and have since been placed in various locations across the country (70 thousand evacuees in the south, approximately 60 thousand in the north). Many more people evacuated their homes on their own initiative from communities not covered by the government’s plan, (bringing the unofficial total to 256,000 evacuees).

-360,000 Israeli IDF reservists have been recruited.

– Efforts to identify the victims continue, the police update: 861 civilians murdered in the war have been identified so far.

Northern arena:

The intensity of Hezbollah’s war of attrition against Israel in the north of the country has escalated excessively. Hezbollah seeks to redirect Israeli Defense Force (IDF) resources from the Gaza conflict to the northern arena through its assaults on IDF outposts, civilian communities, and bases in northern Israel. Hezbollah utilizes a variety of weaponry during its frequent assaults on Israel, including mortar projectiles, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), rockets, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  

-Yesterday evening, an Israeli air strike on the village of Beit Yahoun in south Lebanon killed five Hezbollah combatants belonging to the Radwan Unit, including Abbas Muhammad Raed (Sarraj Raad) the son of a senior Hezbollah member Mohammed Raad, the leader of Hezbollah’s faction in Lebanon’s parliament.

Above: The son of the leader of Hezbollah’s faction in Lebanon’s parliament is the first one below on the right. The commander in the Radwan unit is the middle one below.

– At a later time, a surface-to-air missile was launched toward an IDF aircraft. The IDF Aerial Defense Array effectively intercepted the missile and IDF planes struck the launcher and a weapons storage site in retaliation.

– More than 35 rockets, ATGMs, and mortar shells were launched today from Lebanon toward Israeli communities and IDF outposts. Most of the projectiles were intercepted by IDF aerial defenses, some landed in open areas and a few landed in populated areas causing damage to a vehicle and to an agricultural farm.

The areas in Israel subjected to attacks today; Arab al-Aramshe, Betset, Shlomi, Rehaniya, Sasa, Dovev, Tzfat, Manara, Margaliot, Zarit, Kiryat Shmona, Biranit, and Yiftach (and their surrounding communities).

IDF spokesman in Arabic, Lt. Col. Avihai Adrai stated that the launch of more than 20 Hezbollah rockets this morning failed and they fell in Lebanese territory. These rocket attacks led to material damage in the villages of A-Ramish, Ein Abel, and Yaron.

Hezbollah accepted responsibility for 21 attacks on Israel today.

The IDF attacked multiple Hezbollah terrorist targets in Lebanon throughout the course of the day, retaliating with artillery, tanks, and air strikes in response to the numerous Hezbollah attacks against Israeli territory. A number of the launchers from which the projectiles originated were targeted by an IDF aircraft. An additional launcher was attacked by IDF troops, from which rockets were launched using the “Iron Sting” weapon system. IDF forces that spotted an ATGM squad in the Zarit area attacked the squad. Lebanese sources claim that the IDF attacked in A- Labbouneh, south of Naqoura and Tayr-Harfa.

– Since the commencement of the conflict, Hezbollah has sustained a total of 91 casualties, although according to estimates the number is higher.

This in itself incites Hezbollah to increase its attacks against Israel, with the aim of “balancing” the number of dead on the Israeli side, according to Nasrallah’s “equation” theory.

Gaza and Southern Arena:

IDF forces attacked terror sites in the Jabalya area. An IDF UAV directed by IDF soldiers targeted armed terrorists who approached IDF troops and used accurate precise munitions to strike a Hamas observation position that presented a threat to IDF troops.

Furthermore, with the direction of IDF ground troops, an IDF UAV and tanks destroyed several terrorist cells in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF troops also discovered an underground shaft inside a mosque. In addition, IDF troops discovered and destroyed a terror tunnel shaft in Beit Hanoun’s agricultural region. The soldiers also discovered a terror tunnel shaft and various weapons inside a civilian home in the vicinity, finding weapons hidden under children’s beds. Over the last day, the IDF conducted aerial attacks on approximately 300 Hamas terror targets in Gaza, including military command centers, underground terror tunnels, weapon storage facilities, weapon manufacturing locations, and anti-tank missile launch positions.

A raid by Special Forces (Egoz) soldiers on the Shati refugee camp following intelligence information, seized buildings that posed a danger to the forces, terrorists, and stockpiles of weapons used by the Hamas terrorists. The soldiers of the unit located many weapons – rifles- cartridges, an explosive belt, and grenades.

In the above photo: a children’s booklet used for incitement is found in a terrorist’s home.

Attached is bodycam footage from the activity of the “Egoz” special forces unit in the Shati camp:

Hamas Tactics – Hospitals as Operational Hubs:

Shifa Hospital: Special troops from the IDF and ISA, including the Shaldag, Oketz, and Yahalom Units, as well as special forces from the 7th Brigade, are continuing to expose the tunnel complex beneath the Hospital. They also discovered that the terror tunnel goes from beneath the hospital building to the Qatari Building, which is located within the hospital complex. Soldiers uncovered an air-conditioned hiding area and a bathroom behind the breached blast door. The 7th Brigade also discovered two further underground shafts near the hospital, one on an adjacent street and the other in a closed house. The findings undoubtedly demonstrate Hamas’s planned strategy of operating beneath hospitals. The terrorist organization also uses hospital premises to store weapons and as terrorist headquarters.

IDF spokesperson, RAdm. Daniel Hagari exposed new evidence proving Hamas’ appalling and irrefutable use of Shifa Hospital as a terror military compound.

– Following evidence that the Shifa Hospital, under his direct direction, acted as a Hamas command and control center, the director of the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, Doctor Mohammad Abu Salmiya,  was detained and transported for ISA investigation. The Hamas terror tunnel network located beneath the hospital also used energy and hospital services. Furthermore, Hamas kept a large number of weapons within the hospital and on the hospital grounds.

Furthermore, following the Hamas massacre on October 7th, Hamas terrorists sought refuge within the hospital, with some taking Israeli hostages with them. A pathology investigation also proved CPL Noa Marciano’s murder on hospital grounds.

There was substantial Hamas terrorist activity in the hospital under his supervision. The findings of his involvement in terrorist activity will determine whether he will be questioned further by the ISA.

Hamas still has the ability to launch missiles into Israel. Hamas terrorists continue to indiscriminately launch rockets at civilian communities enveloping the Gaza Strip and as far as cities in the Tel Aviv area.

However it seems that its rocket-launching capabilities have declined. Today, Hamas launched several rockets to the communities enveloping the Gaza Strip.

Since the commencement of the war, more than 10,726 missiles and rockets fired at Israel with the intention of hitting population centers and civilians. Doing so from within populated areas in the Gaza Strip and harming innocent lives committing triple war crimes.

Since the beginning of the war, the Terrorist organizations in Gaza have fired more than 10,726 rockets toward Israel. 1,338 rockets have landed within Gaza, some hitting civilian structures such as the Shifaa, Al-Ahli, Ma’madani, Rantisi, and Turkish Hospitals, causing many casualties.

Humanitarian aid:

It should be noted that under the Rules of War, Israel is under no obligation to supply for the needs of its enemy, Hamas.

-Rafah crossing on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip remains open for the flow of humanitarian aid carrying, medicine, medical equipment, and food.

-Israel permits the entrance of aid trucks comprising of food, water and medicine or medical supplies, since October 21, when Israel first began allowing the tightly controlled shipments. Furthermore, Israel has opened two water pipelines to the south of the Gaza Strip, supplying about 28 million liters of drinkable water each day.

Fuel into Gaza:  Hamas requires diesel fuel to power its terror tunnels’ ventilation and electrical systems, it’s for this reason Israel refuses to supply Gaza with fuel. Nevertheless, in response to a request from the US administration, Israel has agreed to permit the entry of two fuel trucks per day into the southern Gaza Strip. This constitutes a supply of fuel necessary to operate water and sewage pumps as well as for trucks carrying humanitarian aid.

 Humanitarian corridor: The IDF continues to urge Gaza City inhabitants to move to a safe humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip’s southwest, in the Al-Mawasi area, where international aid is supplied via the Rafah crossing.

The IDF Spokesman in Arabic, Lt. Col. Avihai Adrei – addressed the residents of Jabalia and Shuja’iyya today as well, and called on them to evacuate south through the Salah al-Din Road which is open until 16:00 for the passage of residents to the southern Wadi Gaza and the humanitarian area. In addition, he announced a pause in fighting between 10:00 and 14:00 in several neighborhoods in Khan Yunis, for humanitarian purposes

Judea and Samaria:

– For the first time since the beginning of the war – the Jenin-based Palestinian terror group al-Ayyash Battalion, which is affiliated with Hamas, claimed to have launched a Qassam 1 rocket towards the settlement of Shaked in northern Samaria.

– The security forces arrested 40 wanted persons throughout the Judea and Samaria and the Bekaa and Amakim Brigade, 3 of them associated with Hamas. So far, since the beginning of the war, about 1,950 wanted persons have been arrested in the Central Command, about 1,100 of them associated with Hamas.


Iranian Foreign Minister Abdollahian in a meeting with Nasrallah.

International Arena:

– The USS Thomas Hudner, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, shot down several suicide UAVs fired by the Houthis in Yemen over the Red Sea last night, according to the US Military’s Central Command.

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