Strengthening the Lebanese Army to Counter Hezbollah, Does it Really Work?

Despite the American initiative to counter Hezbollah in Lebanon by arming the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF); its relationship to Hezbollah grows closer than ever.

The head of Directorate of  The Lebanese General Security; Major General Abbas Ibrahim stated in a conference on the effects of terrorism on the African Continent: “The definition of terrorism has been ‘lost in translation’ and been used to serve the agendas of ‘certain nations’.

There are two types of terrorism” he continued. “Terrorism intended to terrorize your enemy and this is not only a right but also a duty to you, and terrorism which intimidates the innocent which is the lowest levels of morality and despicable ideology. We support the first terrorism, we support “Resisting” (insinuating The Resistance- Hezbollah) any enemy wherever it is, and this is an honor we call upon. We support our Resistance and “terrorism”; you may call it whatever you wish.

Over the past 10 years, the US government has invested more than $ 1.5 billion in training and equipment for the LAF. 


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Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

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