“Iran will send a ‘peacekeeping force’ to Idlib and Aleppo”

Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Crops: “We will send a ‘peacekeeping force’ to Idlib and Aleppo, due to the Syrian government’s request”.

The Iranian Commander, Muhammad Ali Al Jaafari stated that the “peacekeeping” force will include a limited number of what he referred to as volunteers, whose job will be essential in the on going negotiations and reconciliation efforts between the Syrian government and the civilians. Al Jaafari proceeded to emphasize that: “they are volunteers, and most of them are consultants”. Iran continues to take advantage of the Syrian Crisis, formulating reasonings behind their continual mobilization of Shiite militas into Syria, and thus it strengthens its influence and control in Syria,with cooperation with the Syrian government.

Published here: https://arabic.rt.com

Muhammad Ali Jaafari (pic from arabic.rt.com)


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Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

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