A new partner in Hezbollah’s Shiite axis and Southern Command in southern Syria!

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appointed Major General Ramadan Yusef al-Ramadan as commander of the First Corps instead of Major General Ali Asaad, who held the position since last March. Ramadan will continue occupying his current position as head of the security and military committee in Hama in addition to his new position.

Al- Ramadan originates in the village of Al-Mahrusah, near the town of Masyaf in the western Hama periphery.

Ramadan was the commander of the 35th Special Forces Brigade that shot the protestors in Deraa protests against the Assad regime in March 2011. In 2012, he commanded the 15th Special Forces Division, ranked Brigadier General. He later commanded the 9th Armored Division and in 2019 was appointed chairman of the Defense and Army Committee in Hama, a position in which he commanded the military operation in southern Idlib.

Haj Hashem, commander of Hezbollah’s Southern Command unit in southern Syria has a new friend in the sector. A partner who needs to be educated and mentored to continue to enable Hezbollah’s activities in southern Syria and help disguise it…

Only this time they should be more careful so that their photos during the joint activity will not be exposed to the eyes of everyone as happened with the previous commander who was replaced…

The previous commander of the “First Corps”, Major General Ahmed Ali Asaad, in the Syrian regime army, appeared in a this video with “Hajj Hashem” from the Hezbollah’s Southern Command.
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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