Although Hezbollah and Amal the Shiite parties in Lebanon are known as The Shiite Duo because of their cooperation, sometimes the cooperation turns into a rivalry.

Conflict of interests, power struggles, and disagreements cause political rivalries, boycotts, and occasionally violent clashes between the activists and supporters of both parties.

In Hallousiyyeh in the Tyre district, five members of the municipality from the Amal party including the deputy mayor have been boycotting the municipality meeting for 3 months already. Their reasoning is law violations in the municipality controlled by Hezbollah.

The Donated ambulance with “Islamic Health Organization” logo

The latest conflict was Hezbollah branding a donated ambulance with Hezbollah’s “Islamic Health Organization” logo. The Amal municipality members tried to change this and reached out to MP Hassan Fadlallah and the Governor of the Tire District, however, it does not seem that it helped them…

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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