During the night (July 19) there was an airstrike in the area of Al-Safira, Syria, southeast of Aleppo city. In addition, there was an airstrike in the area of the international civilian airport and the al-Nayrab and Kuweires military airfields near Aleppo. We know that Al-Safira has an extension of “SARS “– the Center for Scientific Studies. We also know that under Iranian auspices, among other things, the precision missile project is involved there.

The radical Shiite axis, led by Iran, controls Aleppo International Airport and al-Nayrab military airbase near the city. We know that during 2020, the Shi’ite axis made sure to renovate and maintain both airports, both civilian and military. In this framework, facilities were built for the inhabiting of combat forces and headquarters. In addition, air and ground defense systems were deployed and transmission, reception, and radar systems were installed. Additionally, near the international civilian airport, the Syrian Army’s 80th Brigade is situated.

In our opinion, the attack on the Sars Center in Al-Safira was intended to disrupt and harm attempts to advance the missile accuracy project, and the attack in the area of ​​the airports was intended to harm the air defense systems that fired on the attacking air force.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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