Iran Attacks an Israeli-owned Ship – 2 People Killed

Iran attacked an Israeli-owned ship near Oman, apparently using an unmanned aerial vehicle. 2 staff members were killed, a Romanian citizen and a British citizen. This is an escalation in terms of the results of the action: a clear intention to kill and not just sending a message (like the previous actions).

The Iranians find it difficult to attack Israel directly and therefore forced to target civilian activity associated with Israel and geographically far from Israel.

Britain and Romania have placed direct responsibility for the incident on Iran.
The campaign against Iran and the radical Shiite axis in the Middle East has four dimensions: Covert terrestrial dimension, maritime dimension, aerial dimension, and cyber dimension.

It seems that in 2021 the maritime dimension escalated, the latest incident combined the maritime and the aerial dimensions.

Three major implications as a result of the escalation in the maritime dimension:

  1. The actions of the radical Shiite axis led by Iran in the Middle East threaten the entire international community and not just Israel and the countries of the region.
  2. An Iranian threat to the freedom and security of shipping on major international shipping routes.
  3. A significant Economic threat to international trade activity (increase in insurance prices – transportation costs – the price of goods).

The radical Shiite axis led by Iran poses a clear, tangible, and immediate danger to the world in general and the Middle East in particular.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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