On the night of March 06-07, the Aleppo airport was attacked from the air. Following the attack, the airport was shut down. The damage and reason for the attack are not yet clear. Following the earthquake, the Iranians’ exploitation of the situation to smuggle weapons was carried out by our assessment mainly through the land route (Al-Bukamal) and not through the air route to Aleppo. (We posted about this on February 28th).

The attack last night possibly resulted from specific and focused intelligence indicating the presence of advanced weapons in the airfield or as a preventive action in preparation for the expected arrival of weapons to this location.

Above: The international airport in Aleppo inside, which is the “Nayrab” military compound.

We recently received an interesting local indication, which may be related to the attack. According to the report, on March 1, the Shiite axis began to partially evacuate the Al-Jarrah airport, east of Aleppo, where there is also a distinctly Russian presence.

The Shiite UAVs, operated from Al-Jarrah, were transferred to the “Nayrab” military compound inside the Aleppo airport. The UAVs were transported in closed trucks, which look outwardly like refrigerated food transporting trucks. The evacuation was carried out about six months after preparing the Al-Jarrah airfield for the axis UAV array.

It should be noted that on January 22, a ceremony was held in honor of the reopening of Al-Jarrah Airport in cooperation with the Russians. The evacuation from Al-Jarrah was possibly carried out due to Russian pressure while someone was waiting for this opportunity to strike the delivered UAVs without endangering Russian forces.

Above: The Al-Jarrah base that was prepared by the Shiite axis in September 2022 and partially evacuated by them in early March 2023.
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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