UAV Sites Used by The Shia Axis in Syria

We know of 14 sites where the radical Shiite axis, led by Iran, operates and stores UAVs throughout Syria. We also know of 2 surveillance and control sites in eastern Syria.
In our estimation, Iran is behind the launch of the UAV from Syria to Israel (April 2). The immediate suspects in carrying out the launch are the IRGC (Quds Force) and Hezbollah’s air unit. Other potential suspects are the Shia proxy militias and units of the Southern Command or the Golan file in southern Syria.
The UAV was shot down by electronic means north of the Sea of Galilee in the Hula Valley. At this point, the model of the UAV and its mission are unknown to us.
Based on the estimated trajectory of the UAV, it can be estimated that the base of the IDF’s Northern Command headquarters in Safed was a potential target, whether to carry out an act of surveillance (transmitting a message, photographing) or whether to carry out some kinetic action.
It should be noted that specific models of UAVs can also be launched from mobile launchers almost anywhere and not necessarily from arranged sites with runways.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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