Will Hezbollah’s Tents Cause a Broad Military Conflict?

Will Hezbollah tents in the border area at Mount Dov cause a wide military conflict with Israel? About three weeks ago Hezbollah set up a tent in what is considered Israeli territory in the border area/Kfar Shoba. Hezbollah later set up a second tent. The Lebanese army and UNIFIL_ do not enforce Resolution 1701 or carry out their duties. Hezbollah continues to create tensions and provocations. In our assessment, Hezbollah intends to reach an escalation that will lead to a broad military conflict with Israel, out of an internal interest in strengthening its power in Lebanon. Hezbollah is trying to escalate with; a defiant presence on the border, the Megiddo attack, firing rockets, and now the placing of tents on Israeli territory. Israel for the time being is not dragged in. Last summer, Nasrallah gave ideological and religious approval for a military conflict and as far as Hezbollah is concerned, he has carried out significant power-building in recent years and is ready for a conflict. Continued provocations or a broad conflict is a win-win for Hezbollah.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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