On July 3rd, The IDF launched a brigade-sized targeting operation this morning (July 3) to attack the terrorist infrastructure inside the refugee camp in Jenin, northern Samaria. Fifty terrorist operations have taken place from Jenin in the past two years, some of them sponsored by Iran. The operation began with an aerial attack on the joint operations center of the terrorist organizations in Jenin. Pay attention to its location. In the heart of human shields. Around it is a school, a clinic, a UN facility, and more. Also destroyed are laboratories for the production of explosives and accumulators of charges.

This is the Al Ansar Mosque in the Jenin refugee camp. Palestinian terrorists ran into the mosque and shot at IDF soldiers from inside. This is how they treat their holy places. Underground pits were discovered in the mosque that are used as weapons caches. Military use of mosques as command rooms, weapon caches, exit points for tunnels, etc., is perpetrated by both Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians have published this video to show the damage done to the streets of the refugee camp in Jenin. They don’t want you to know that under and beside the asphalt, there may have been IEDs ready to be activated in the heart of a civilian population. The IDF’s bulldozers neutralized the threat and thus also protected the civilian population. This is the expected damage when using civilian infrastructure as a human shield. Ready-to-use charges are also waiting for the IDF in the Shia villages in southern Lebanon.

This is what one of the militant Joint Operations Center rooms looks like in the Jenin refugee camp. Here they controlled a joint communications network and closed-circuit cameras scattered throughout the area.

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