Yehudit Weiss, an Israeli hostage and cancer patient taken by Hamas on October 7th, has been found without the spirit of life by the IDF inside Gaza. Her body has been recovered and returned to Israel.


North: Hezbollah’s provocations against IDF units in the northern area persist. Today several ATGM were launched toward IDF forces. The IDF initiated and responded with artillery fire and fighter jets on Hezbollah terrorists and infrastructures.

South: IDF troops continue to battle in Gaza, causing significant losses to the Hamas terror organization. The operation at Shifa Hospital is still in progress.

– Since Saturday morning Oct. 7, 1,225 Israeli civilians were murdered, 370 IDF soldiers were killed in action and some 7,262 Israelis wounded. 239 confirmed abducted civilians and IDF soldiers. Since the beginning of hostilities 9,500+ rockets have been launched into Israel.

– To date, an estimated 130,000 Israelis have been officially required by a government directive to leave their homes in the communities and towns adjacent to the northern border and the Gaza Strip (97 communities in the north and south), and have since been placed in various locations across the country (70 thousand evacuees in the south, approximately 60 thousand in the north). Many more people evacuated their homes on their own initiative from communities not covered by the government’s plan.

-360,000 Israeli IDF reservists have been recruited.

– Efforts to identify the victims continue the police update: 859 civilians murdered in the war have been identified so far.

Operational Updates:

Northern Arena:

Since the commencement of the conflict, Hezbollah has sustained a total of 76 casualties.

The IDF is ramping up its efforts in the northern sector. It used fighter jets to attack Hezbollah terrorists and facilities repeatedly, with several of the attacks being initiative attacks. Hezbollah continues to launch anti-tank missiles against Israeli positions across the border.

At 10:20 The IDF launched a fighter aircraft that attacked the village of ayta al-Sha’ab in south Lebanon. Furthermore, IDF forces attacked the Ramim Ridge sector to distance terrorists from the area.

11:56 Several Hezbollah targets in Lebanon were subjected to airstrikes by the Air Force, including military positions from which the organization’s terrorists operated. Furthermore, IDF soldiers struck a terrorist who was operating in Lebanese territory, adjacent to the area of the community of Shlomi in northern Israel.

At 12:50 an anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon towards the Yiftach area. There were no casualties in the attack. The IDF responded by firing at the sources.

At 13:50 the IDF attacked an anti-tank squad before it launched. The IDF attacked the sources with artillery.

15:40 Sirens blared in the communities of Shtula and Even Menachem, and several launches from Lebanese territory were detected, falling in an open area. In addition, terrorists launched an anti-tank missile at an IDF post in the Dovev area, IDF forces responded with artillery fire; there were no casualties in the incidents.

At 16:30 it was reported that for the second time today, the IDF attacked Hezbollah infrastructures in southern Lebanon.

-Hezbollah claimed responsibility for more than six attacks against Israel today.

Gaza and Southern Israel:

In the Shifa Hospital, IDF troops found an operational tunnel shaft and a vehicle containing a large number of weapons. IDF troops belonging to the Shaldag Unit, the 7th Brigade, and additional special units continue at this hour to conduct targeted activity in the Shifa Hospital. Today, Hamas’s tunneling infrastructure was exposed inside the hospital.

Furthermore, a booby-trapped vehicle that was prepared for the October 7th massacre was discovered, containing a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

– IDF troops are continuing their precise and focused operation against Hamas at the Shifa Hospital complex, looking for Hamas terrorist infrastructure and assets. The troops discovered a room containing technology assets as well as military and combat equipment used by Hamas. In another department in the hospital, the soldiers uncovered an operational command center and technology assets belonging to Hamas, showing that the terrorist organization exploits the hospital for terrorist objectives. The discovered technological assets and extensive intelligence data were delivered for thorough evaluation by the appropriate authorities. – According to the IDF spokesperson, the forces found computers and other equipment at the Shifa Hospital that can shed light on the condition of the abductees. The computers contain photos and videos of the abductees that were taken after they were abducted to Gaza

-Throughout the Gaza Strip, the IDF is continuing its operations according to plans. During the seizure of the Shatti Refugee Camp, IDF soldiers of the Nahal Brigade located and destroyed a weapons stockpile of the naval force of the terrorist organization Hamas. The stockpile consisted of diving systems, IEDs, and various weapons.

– Last night, the 162nd division and the 215th brigade directed fighter jets to bomb Ismail Haniyeh’s house, which was utilized as a terrorist infrastructure and, among other things, as a gathering site for the organization’s senior officials.

-During a military operation conducted by the 551st Brigade, rockets were discovered concealed within a bed located in the children’s bedroom in the residence of a Hamas terrorist operating within the region of Beit Hanoun.

-Furthermore, the Commando Brigade, together with soldiers of the Armored and Combat Engineering Corps and with air support, conducted operational activity at a booby-trapped hotel in the northern Gaza Strip and found large stockpiles of weapons. The weapons were subsequently destroyed by the IDF.

 During the operational effort, the IDF forces discovered a substantial quantity of armaments, encompassing rockets, explosive devices, and several kilograms of explosive materials. The military forces subsequently eliminated the weapons.

Furthermore, the IDF has made public a phone conversation between two members of the Islamic Jihad organization, whereby these individuals discuss the covert transportation of weaponry concealed within baby strollers.

– In the last few days, in multi-armed combat, the troops of the 188th Brigade Combat Team together with the reconnaissance unit of ‘Flotilla 13′ (Shayetet 13), achieved operational control over the central stronghold of Gaza where Hamas ruled. In the combined raid of the Naval, Armor, and Engineering forces together with the Air Force, 10 terrorists were eliminated, about ten tunnel shafts were destroyed, and four buildings that constitute terrorist infrastructure were destroyed.

-Hamas continues to demonstrate its capabilities to launch missiles into Israel. Last evening and today, rockets were launched from Gaza toward the south of Israel.

Humanitarian aid:

It should be noted that under the Rules of War, Israel is under no obligation to supply for the needs of its enemy, Hamas.

-Rafah crossing on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip remains open for the flow of humanitarian aid carrying, medicine, medical equipment, and food. Israel has agreed to allow 100 trucks a day. The IDF emphasizes that all equipment is checked before entering the Strip.

-According to the Israeli Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), over 1,000 trucks of food, water, and medicine or medical supplies have entered via Rafah since October 21, when Israel first began allowing the tightly controlled shipments. Furthermore, Israel has opened two water pipelines to the south of the Gaza Strip, supplying about 28 million liters of drinkable water each day.

Humanitarian corridor: The IDF continues to urge Gaza City inhabitants to move to a safe humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip’s southwest, in the Al-Mawasi area, where international aid is supplied via the Rafah crossing. Hamas terrorists are attempting to impede their evacuation through persuasion or force, to exploit these civilians as “human shields.”

– According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), in the last week more at least 200,000 residents of the northern Gaza Strip left their homes evacuated south through the humanitarian corridors.

– Once more, The IDF Spokesman in Arabic, Lt. Col. Avihai Adrei – addressed the residents of Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, and announced that the Salah al-Din highway is still open today until 16:00 for the passage of residents to the south. In addition, he announced a pause in the fighting in Shuja’iyya and Turkman, for humanitarian purposes.

-Sources within the Gaza Strip, reported that for the first time, the IDF requires the residents of Eastern Khan Yunis – in the south of the Gaza Strip – to evacuate their homes. The same sources stated that the IDF distributed leaflets calling on the residents of the south of the strip to evacuate their homes.

 –Fuel into Gaza:  Hamas requires diesel fuel to power its terror tunnels’ ventilation and electrical systems, it’s for this reason Israel refuses to supply Gaza with fuel. nevertheless, due to a specific request of the US president, Israel permitted the supply of 6,340 gallons of fuel for UNRWA aid trucks. The UN commended Israel for allowing fuel to be brought into the Gaza Strip: “We also welcome the fact that Israel did not limit the number of trucks that entered the Gaza Strip.”

There are persistent voices in Israel protesting the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, despite the fact that Israel receives neither humanitarian help nor information about the abductees and hostages held by Hamas. Despite repeated requests to the Red Cross, which claims to have no power over Hamas, nothing has been done.

Judea and Samaria:

Throughout the past day, the IDF, ISA, and Border police forces arrested 33 wanted persons throughout Judea and Samaria, of which 20 are associated with the Hamas organization. Among the others, the house of the terrorist Abdullah Masa’ad, who was involved in a murderous attack in Hawara on August 19, was targeted. Weapons and ammunition were confiscated.

A terror attack was carried out this morning at the checkpoint near Jerusalem’s southern entrance. Three armed terrorists, from the Hebron area, drove up to the checkpoint and opened fire on the security forces which are permanently stationed at the checkpoint. One IDF soldier was killed in the attack, six others suffered injuries. The three terrorists were killed on the scene by Israeli security forces. Axes, a large amount of ammunition, and dates were discovered during the search in the terrorists’ vehicle, indicating that the attackers planned a large killing spree. Hamas accepted responsibility for the attack.


The commander of the Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Ismail Kaani, in a letter he sent to the commander of the military wing of Hamas, Mohammad Def: “The region will not be what it was before the ‘al-Aqsa flood’. The brothers are united with you in the resistance axis. As part of the support – we will do everything we have to do in this historic campaign.”

International Arena:

– President Biden at a press conference in San Francisco: “Hamas committed war crimes when they operated from the hospital; the Israelis did not enter in large forces, we talked about their need to be extremely careful. Hamas has already said publicly that they intend to attack again as they did when they beheaded babies and burned children and women alive – To think that they will just stop and do nothing is unrealistic; they use the tunnels to enter the hospital, among other things… The Israelis brought in incubators and that they warned the medical team.” When asked when the war will end, President Biden replied: “When Hamas does not have the ability to murder and do horrible things to Israelis – and as of this morning … they are still capable of doing so.”

– In a hearing in the House of Representatives yesterday, the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, said that investigations and inquiries have been opened against the activities of Hamas for fear of terrorist incidents in the US inspired by the war in Israel.

-The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Joseph Burrell, during his visit to Kibbutz Bari, stated: “We unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend itself subject to the law and international law.” Borel also emphasized that “Hamas must be defeated.”

-Yesterday, the UK Parliament voted no (293 to 125) to a ceasefire in Gaza.

– The German police raided dozens of institutions suspected of having links with the Hezbollah organization in 7 different federal states.

-The Pentagon has confirmed that US troops in Iraq and Syria have been attacked a total of 55 times since the escalation began by Iranian-backed militias on October 17th. “We feel confident about the targets that we select, the ability to degrade further capabilities of these IRGC-backed groups.” – DEPUTY PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY SABRINA SINGH.

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