-The hostage agreement commenced last Friday (24 Nov.).  Friday, Saturday, and today, Hamas released altogether 40 Israelis in three pulses.

-Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, to the soldiers and commanders of the IDF:
“The IDF and its soldiers fight fiercely to protect the lives of our people while upholding the values of the IDF, we have created conditions for the release of the first group of children and mothers held hostage, When the framework is completed, we will return to our operations with determination, for the continued release of the hostages and the complete dismantlement of Hamas.”
-Oketz (K-9) Unit fighters and dogs from the Marom Special Operations Brigade have discovered roughly 50 booby-trapped explosive devices and dozens of weapons stockpiles and are assisting efforts to locate Israeli hostages held captive in the Gaza Strip. Four dogs who fought alongside the IDF in the Gaza Strip were killed in action while protecting the soldiers. They shall be buried in the unit’s cemetery.

-During the course of the fighting in the Gaza Strip and before the ceasefire came into effect, IDF aircraft under the intelligence guidance of the ISA and IDF Intelligence Directorate, killed five senior commanders of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

  • Ahmed Ghandour -served as Hamas’ commander of the Gaza Strip northern division.
  • Aiman Siam- served as the head of the high-trajectory weapon array in Hamas.
  • Wael Rajeb- deputy commander of the Hamas’ northern division of the Gaza Strip.
  • Rafet Salman- head of Hamas’ Combat Assistance Unit in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • Farsan Halifa- A senior member of Hamas West Bank headquarters. Assisted in promoting and directing attacks against Israeli civilians and Israeli security forces.

– In compliance with the ceasefire agreement, the IDF allowed an increased quantity of humanitarian aid containing medicine, medical equipment, food, and fuel into Gaza via the Rafah crossing. Although, a Hamas checkpoint blocked the trucks delivering humanitarian aid to the residents of northern Gaza.

In the north, Hezbollah announced that it would comply with the ceasefire, however, yesterday morning, the IDF shot down a surface-to-air missile launched from Lebanese territory at an IDF UAV. In response to the launch, IAF fighter jets attacked Hezbollah infrastructure. Yesterday (Saturday) at noon, a launch from Lebanon was detected – it was intercepted, without casualties or damage.

Yemen– Attackers hijacked the “Central Park,” an oil/chemical tanker, off the coast of Aden this evening, just days after an Israeli-owned cargo ship, the CMA CGM “Symi,” was targeted by a UAV and less than a week after the Houthis in Yemen took over the cargo ship “Galaxy Leader.”

Syria– Reports from Syria: Israel attacked the international airport in Damascus.

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