Photo: An IAF airstrike using a SPICE-2000 guided bomb on Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip on December 4th, 2023. The prepared camera shot indicates IAF roof-knocking procedure gave time to evacuate the structure of civilians ahead of time.

Northern arena:

-As of 17:30, Hezbollah assumed responsibility for 9 attacks against Israel.

– Yesterday, an IAF fighter jet successfully intercepted a hostile aircraft on its approach from Lebanon toward Israeli territory. In addition, last night, sirens sounded in the Golan Heights community of Keshet in northern Israel, and a projectile was identified crossing from Syria. The projectile fell into an open area. IDF forces responded with artillery fire, attacking the sources of the fire.

– Several mortar shell launches from Lebanon targeting IDF troops in the Shtula area were detected during the night. As a result, three Israeli soldiers were mildly injured and were evacuated for medical treatment. 

– In the morning hours, Hezbollah launched a few mortar shells toward the Yaftach area in Ramim Ridge in the Upper Galilee. They exploded in open areas. The IDF responded with artillery towards the sources of the fire.

-Around noon, several launches from Lebanon into the areas of Har Dov and Misgav Am in northern Israel were identified. The launches landed in open areas.

– In the early afternoon, IAF fighter jets and UAVs attacked  Hezbollah a command-and-control center infrastructure and military sites belonging to the terrorist organization in Lebanon. the Lebanese reported that the IDF attacked the south Lebanese villages of Beita al-Sha’ab, Ramia, and Kfar Hammam. Several launches were also detected toward the northern Israeli communities of Matat and Shtula. The launches landed in open spaces. In retaliation, the IDF targeted the sources of the launches in Lebanon.

– This afternoon, the IDF struck a Hezbollah weapons depot in response to mortar shells launched toward an IDF post in the area of Arab al-Aramshe. In addition, sirens sounded in the town of Kiryat Shmona and the community of Tel Hai due to rocket launches that fell in open areas, no damage or injuries in these events. In response, the IDF struck the sources of the fire in Lebanon.

South/ Gaza

-IDF forces are continuing the maneuver throughout the Gaza Strip, attacking terrorist and terror infrastructures, uncovering and destroying terror tunnels.

-Yesterday, Following IDF and ISA intelligence, an IDF fighter jet struck and killed Haitham Khawajiri, the Commander of Hamas’ Shati Battalion. Khawajiri commanded the security of Hamas activity at Shifa Hospital and also commanded the fighting against IDF forces in the Shatti Refugee Camp. He was also responsible for a great deal of terrorist activity against the citizens of Israel.


– Iran’s Foreign Ministry speaking on the killing of two members of the Revolutionary Guards in an attack attributed to Israel in Syria: “Tehran always reacts to attacks on its interests.”

Yemen/Red Sea Arena:

– The conflict in the Middle East between US forces and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terrorist proxies has recently reached new high points following a series of events and attacks from the Houthis in Yemen against cargo ships and the USS Carney in the Red Sea and attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria.

According to Arab media, the US forces killed “several” militants from a pro-Iranian group in Iraq last evening, the militants were attacked by American planes as they prepared to attack American bases in the area.

-After the elimination of the militia fighters yesterday by the US army: Falah Fayyad, the leader of al-Hashd al-Shaabi, the umbrella organization of the militias in Iraq, met with the commander of the Iranian army Mohammad Bagri.


– The International Red Cross announced that the president of the organization has arrived in Gaza and is calling for the protection of civilians. The purpose of the visit, among other things, is to promote the approach of the Red Cross to the Israeli abductees.

– After Israeli officials stated that Israel would eliminate the heads of the Hamas organization around the world, Turkey warned Israel of “serious consequences” if it tried to attack the heads of Hamas in its territory.


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