Northern arena:

-11:00: Hezbollah accepted responsibility for firing an anti-tank missile (ATGM) at an IDF post on the Lebanese border. Since then, Hezbollah has accepted responsibility for 10 attacks on Israel today.

– In reaction to yesterday’s numerous attacks from Lebanon on Israel, IAF fighter jets hit Hezbollah launch sites, terror infrastructure, and a military base shortly after midnight. In addition, in response to an attack on the Zar’it area in northern Israel, the IDF struck the sources of the fire. In addition, the IDF targeted several additional places in Lebanon to eliminate a threat.

– Earlier today, a number of rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. The rockets fell in open areas. In response, IDF fighter jets attacked several Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon, including terrorist infrastructure, military posts, and weapons depots.

-Another incident occurred when an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that crossed into Israel from Lebanon was located in the area of Margaliot in northern Israel. IDF soldiers that were dispatched to the scene recovered the aircraft.

-In the early afternoon, sirens were sounded in the communities of Arab al-Aramshe and Adamit due to rocket launches from Lebanon.

-This afternoon, an ATMG was fired from Lebanon toward the community of Manara.

-In the early evening, sirens were sounded in Kiryat Shmona due to 6 rockets fired in 3 volleys from Lebanon. No injuries were reported, a vehicle was damaged. IDF forces attacked the sources of fire in Lebanon.

-Reports in Lebanon: One Lebanese soldier was killed and three others sustained injuries as a result of Israeli tank artillery in the village of Adaisseh in Lebanon.

South/ Gaza

-Hostages: Professor Ronit Endevelt, head of the Ministry of Health’s nutrition department, told the Knesset Health Committee that Hamas gave Israeli abductees in Gaza sedatives before being released, for them to appear happy when filmed by world media.

-In the last few days, since Hamas violated the ceasefire, IDF forces have been operating in the heart of Hamas strongholds in Jabaliya and Shuja’iyya and are conducting intense battles against Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade which is considered a strong brigade that consists of 4 battalions. The troops, have taken control of Hamas’ key military posts and strongholds used by “Nukhba” terrorists. Furthermore, IDF and ISA forces raided a Hamas Internal Security command and control center in Jabalya, finding surveillance equipment, weapons, rockets, and operational maps. Additionally, Israeli Navy forces have assisted ground troops in the Gaza Strip with strikes on scores of operational targets belonging to Hamas.

Hamas’ human shield strategy:

-Today, Hamas fired scores of rockets toward Tel Aviv and several cities in the center of Israel. Two people were reported to have sustained injuries. A school was damaged by falling shrapnel.


– The Iranian news agency Tasnim: Iran was not involved in attacks against American forces, according to the country’s UN envoy, Amir Saeed.


– Report in Politico: Frustration among officials in the Biden administration over the lack of a sufficient response to the threat of the Houthis in Yemen who attacked the USS Carney warship this week. According to the report, the frustration stems from the feeling that President Biden is “downplaying” the threat to avoid a strong response.

– The French government imposed sanctions on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

– Senior EU official warns of huge security risk in Europe over Christmas as Israel-Hamas war rages.


The threat of Hezbollah’s elite Radwan Unit:

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