The IDF has expanded war operations across the Gaza Strip and continued to return fire
against Hezbollah attacks on the northern border.
In Gaza, intense battles are underway in Khan Yunis, Shujayya, and Jabalia, leading to the
capture and interrogation of Hamas operatives, and a rise in IDF casualties.
Interrogations of captured Hamas members revealed a disconnect between the Hamas
leadership and ground realities, with rank-and-file terrorists and Hamas field commanders
frustrated by their own leadership’s disconnect, according to the IDF’s intelligence
Amidst these intense operations, the IDF continues its efforts to rescue hostages held by
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the war has resulted in thousands of killed terrorists –
IDF officials estimated the number to have surpassed 5,000 – hundreds of killed Hamas
commanders from brigade commanders down, and vowed to reach the Hamas leadership.
The IDF is systematically destroying tunnels, weapons infrastructure, and seizing
intelligence, as well as destroying Hamas command and control centers.
The IDF continued to stick to a defensive posture in countering Hezbollah attacks on
Northern Israel, responding to rocket launches and anti-tank missiles from Lebanon with
targeted strikes.

Swords of Iron in Numbers- updated data since Oct. 7

Number of Israeli civilian fatalities: ~770

Number of IDF casualties: 425

Number of IDF casualties since the ground offensive on October 30: 98

Number of Israeli police casualties: 58

Number of ISA casualties: 10

Total Israeli casualties since Oct. 7: 1200+

Israeli Hostages in Gaza: 137

Number of Israeli evacuees in the north: ~ 61,000
Number of rockets launched by Hamas: 11,000+
Number of terror targets struck in Gaza by IDF: 20,000+

This week’s northern events:
Hezbollah continued to target IDF positions and civilian targets in northern Israel through
attacks using anti-tank missiles, rockets, mortars, and drones.
In response to Hezbollah activity in northern Israel, the IDF engaged in artillery strikes
against rocket launch sites in southern Lebanon, and deployed IAF fighter jets, helicopters,
and tanks, to strike terror targets, including a Hezbollah operational command center.
Additionally, the IDF countered threats in the Metula area using tank fire and targeted anti-
tank missile launch posts used by Hezbollah. Throughout these engagements, the IDF
maintained a defense posture, responding decisively to Hezbollah’s aggression from across
the border.

1 Lebanese soldier was killed by Israeli fire while located in a Hezbollah military zone.

This week’s Southern events:
IDF found weapons in Gaza schools and mosques, indicating Hamas’s use of civilian areas for
military purposes. Hamas’s rocket launches against Israeli cities occurred from humanitarian
zones in Gaza. The IDF attempted rescue operations for hostages.
Two IDF soldiers were severely injured during an operation to try to rescue hostages held by
Hamas in the Gaza Strip. During the operation, several terrorists who took part in the
abducting and holding of hostages were killed. No hostages were rescued in this activity. The
IDF stated that Hamas murdered Israeli hostage Sa’ar Baruch, who was abducted from the
Re’im Nova party on October 7.

IDF Division 98 expanded its operations against Hamas in Khan Yunis, operating in the city
center and open areas. As part of the IDF’s combat operations in the Jabaliya neighborhood,
Yahalom elite combat engineering unit’s special forces received information regarding the
presence of terrorists in the area and their intention to fire at our forces.
Consequently, the soldiers carried out focused raids and identified suspicious movements in
one of the buildings.

This week’s West Bank events:
Over the past two months, the IDF has arrested some 1,200 Hamas members, out of a total
of 2,200 security suspects in raids across the West Bank.
Arrests of terror operatives in recent days were carried out by activists in Hebron, Jenin,
Nablus, and other locations. Two terrorists were killed by the Israel Polie’s Gideonim unit in
Qalqilya. In Jenin Camp, IDF operations continued until December 6, uncovering two tunnels
and three explosive labs, and confiscating numerous weapons and charges. In the northern
West Bank, counter-terror operations continued; explosives were found in Nur Shams. IDF
raids also targeted charity associations linked to Hamas and seized weapons in Silet al-
Daher, Rummanah, and Abu Sneineh. A terrorist who fired at IDF forces in the Judea

The brigade’s sector was neutralized, resulting in one moderately injured soldier. In Tubas,
Hebron, Nablus, and Qalandiya, terror weapons were seized in raids.
Israeli Homefront:
Rocket barrages continued to target southern, central, and northern Israel.
Humanitarian Aid:
Field hospitals established by Jordan and the UAE are operational, offering extensive medical
services. Over 50,000 tons of aid, including food, medical supplies, and water, have been
delivered to Gaza since October 7, via more than 3,000 trucks entering the Rafah Border
More than 25,500 tons of food have entered the Gaza Strip. Over 9,800 tons of water have
entered the Gaza Strip. Over 6,500 tons of medical supplies have entered the Gaza Strip, and
4,700 tons of temporary shelter supplies have entered.

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