Northern arena:

Minister Benny Gantz, speaking to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pointed out that the increase in attacks by Hezbollah with the backing of Iran requires Israel to remove the threat on the northern communities and towns, and that the international community must act against Lebanon to stop the aggression.

-The Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi at the Lebanese border yesterday: We understand that this needs to end with a very clear change in the situation.”

“For the return to all the communities, both in the south and in the north – first, we need to return to a different situation and return to both safety and a sense of security. There is a military way to do it, the beginning of which is also what you are doing here, to strike, to deter, to kill Hezbollah operatives, to show our superiority, and it can also come in the form of a strike an attack and a war…”

-Overnight, the IDF aerial defenses intercepted a suspicious aerial target that crossed from Lebanon into Israel. Furthermore, several rockets were launched from Lebanon. The IDF responded with fire toward the sources of the attack.

-This morning, sirens sounded in the western Galilee area of the communities surrounding Maalot due to the launching from Lebanon of 8 rockets, from which, 6 were intercepted and 2 fell in open areas. No damage or injuries were reported. in retaliation, IDF forces attacked Hezbollah terrorists and infrastructures in southern Lebanon.

-At noon, several rocket launches were detected from Lebanon towards the Mount Dov area, and the IDF responded with artillery.

– In the afternoon, Hezbollah terrorists fired two anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) against a military base near Shtula in the upper Galilee, as well as at least 10 rockets towards the Manara and Yiftach area that were intercepted by the Iron Dome array. In response to the launches into Israel, the IAF attacked Lebanon destroying a Hezbollah military site.


– Yesterday (December 10) at approximately 2200, an airstrike was carried out in the rural area of Aqraba in southern Damascus, which is southeast of Sayda Zeinab. This morning (December 11) Hezbollah announced two of its operatives who were killed: Abbas Hasan Arzouni from the village of Tir Falasiya and Ali Fran from Nebatia.

South/ Gaza

-Intensive battles with aerial support against armed terror cells in the northern and southern Gaza Strip continue. IDF forces encountered and subsequently directed an aircraft strike against terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles in the Gaza Strip’s Shuja’iyya neighborhood. 

Hamas’ use of human shields; IDF Soldiers discovered explosive devices, AK-47 rifles, and an RPG stashed inside UNRWA-labeled sacks inside a civilian dwelling in the Jabalya area. A truck containing long-distance rockets was also discovered adjacent to a nearby school. In one incident the IDF struck armed terrorists seen departing a medical clinic during operational action. in addition, throughout the day, shots were fired at the IDF from within a school in the southern Gaza Strip. IDF forces of Battalion 8111 launched a targeted raid on terror infrastructure targets around the school.

Moreover, IDF forces located an RPG training facility hidden inside a mosque in the heart of a civilian neighborhood, and inside it many weapons – grenades, rifle cartridges, and weapons of various types.

-Hamas continues its rocket attacks on Israeli communities and cities. Today, rockets fired toward central Israel caused one slight injury and major damage.


The European Council of the European Union has imposed sanctions on 6 persons and 5 entities involved in Iran’s development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used in Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine.

Shahram Irani, Commander of the Iranian Navy: “Soon we will remove the American aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower from the Persian Gulf”


– Mikhail Bogdanov, deputy foreign minister and Putin’s special envoy to the Middle East had telephone conversations with Hamas representatives demanding the immediate release of the Israeli abductees.

– Italy, France, and Germany are calling for EU sanctions to be imposed on Hamas and its supporters.

-The US offered a reward of up to 15 million dollars on the head of the Iranian commander of the Yemen arena in the Iranian Quds Force who is behind last month’s hijacking of the ship that was allegedly linked to Israeli ownership


Iran’s proxies hiding behind schools:

UNIFIL bases in southern Lebanon continue to serve as Hezbollah’s human shields:

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