“IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari: “We abort attacks when we see unexpected civilian presence. We choose the right munition for each target — so it doesn’t cause unnecessary damage.”

Compilation of aborted strikes due to the unexpected presence of civilians:

Northern arena:

Hezbollah has considerably escalated the scope and frequency of attacks against Israel in recent days. In turn, Israel retaliates by forcefully striking Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

Israel launched a strike on the “Burkan” rocket depot in the southern Lebanon village of Yaron yesterday. Following the attack, footage showing a mushroom cloud rising from the ground due to the detonation of numerous heavy rockets was made public. The IDF has suffered substantial damage from the “Burkan” rockets, which are capable of carrying a 250 kg warhead, have already been fired into Israeli territory during the conflict and are.

Burkan missiles fired by Hezbollah on an IDF base on November 20th, 2023.

Last night, an IAF fighter jet attacked a Hezbollah terror infrastructure in southern Lebanon. In addition, an Air Force aircraft attacked a terrorist squad that tried to launch an anti-tank missile into Israeli territory in the Yaron region in the Upper Galilee.

This morning, IDF ground forces and the IAF attacked an anti-tank squad in Lebanon, intending to launch a missile toward IDF positions. Soon after, a number of rockets were launched towards the community of Yaara, in the Western Galilee region, all falling in open areas causing no damage.

Later on, sirens were sounded in the Upper Galilee communities of Dishon, Yiftach, Ramot Naftali and Malika, due to a suspicious aerial target that crossed from Lebanese territory into Israeli territory. The Israeli air defense fighters successfully intercepted and destroyed the aerial target. Concurrently, an alert resonated in the Upper Galilee community of Amuka, due to falling intercept fragments.

At 14:30 and 15:55, sirens sounded in the communities of Shlomi, Matsuva, and Yiftach due to rocket launches from south Lebanon. Not long after, another suspicious aerial target was detected advancing toward Israeli territory. For the second time today, alerts were activated in the communities of Dishon, Yiftach, Ramot Naftali, and Malika.

Hezbollah terrorists launched an anti-tank missile towards the area of ​​the Avivim community in Upper Galilee. The IDF retaliated with artillery and airstrikes.

The IDF attacked the Lebanese village of Ita al-Sha’ab while Hezbollah was burying one of its dead there. According to Lebanese media, the attack was carried out using a UAV that launched a missile at a building near the burial site.


The Jordanian army announced that dozens of infiltrators from Syria crossed the border with rocket launchers and explosives. The Jordanian army destroyed their vehicles which were loaded with explosives. Jordanian officials stated that the infiltrator-gunmen, that injured several Jordanian army personnel, were linked to pro-Iranian militias seeking to undermine the country’s security.

South/ Gaza:

The IDF is continuing to operate against Hamas terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Gaza Strip. The soldiers of the multi-dimensional unit under the command of the 551-brigade combat team located, suitcases of terrorist funds worth approximately NIS 5,000,000 and many weapons in the house of a senior Hamas member, in the Jabaliya area.

IDF forces also targeted terrorist infrastructure that contained weapons, including RPGs, explosives, and military hardware. The building’s basement also had a stash of ammo and mortars. Launch pits and terror tunnel shafts nearby were also destroyed.

During the activity of the 4th Brigade Combat Team yesterday in the Khan Yunis region, the forces identified a sniper who was in the building and threatened the forces. The forces targeted an air force aircraft and eliminated the terrorists.

An IAF aircraft detected a suspicious terror cell entering a Hamas terror infrastructure in the Khan Yunis area, accordingly, a Givati ​​ Brigade combat team directed an Air Force combat helicopter that attacked and eliminated the squad. Furthermore, in the same Hamas infrastructure, a basement with a stockpile of mortars and ammunition was discovered. In addition, the forces located and destroyed launch shafts and tunnel pits in the area.

IDF infantry, engineering, and special units have been operating in recent weeks as part of an operation led by the Northern Gaza Brigade, using advanced intelligence and technological means, to uncover, scan, and identify a strategic tunnel route of the terrorist organization Hamas which did not cross into Israeli territory. This particular tunnel is one of a kind. The tunnel, a flagship project of Hamas, is 4 Km long, dug 50 meters deep underground, and is wide enough to allow the passage of vehicles. The tunnel’s exit lies 400 meters from the “Erez” crossing, where hundreds of laborers and merchants as well as countless Gazans in need of medical attention cross into Israel every day. Offensive actions against IDF forces originated from the tunnel during the fighting. A few days ago, terrorists were also identified in the tunnel and were eliminated by IDF forces. It was Hamas’ intention to infiltrate Israel, once again, mimicking the October 7 attack. The outstanding scope of this tunnel, once again illustrates Hamas’ use of funds toward terror activity, instead of taking care of the well-being of the residents of Gaza.


Reports in Iran say that Gas stations throughout the country have been shut down. Earlier, a group of hackers announced a cyber-attack aimed at gas stations in Iran. The disruption at the gas stations is nationwide. Iranian officials reported that 60% of the stations are nonoperational, asking people not to go to gas stations except in an emergency.

Yemen/Red Sea:

Several shipping companies (Maersk, MSC Hapag-Lloyd ONE, Euronav, BP oil) have announced that they will not sail in these maritime lanes until further notice because of the repeated attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

The chemical tanker “Swan Atlantic” and the container ship MSC Clara were attacked by several missiles or UAVs launched by the Houthis. It was also reported that the warship USS Carney “responded to the distress call” broadcast by the ships. The Houthis in Yemen claimed responsibility for the damage to the tanker and the container ship MSC Clara.

The Pentagon announced: that the warship USS Laboon entered the Red Sea joining the ships USS Carney and USS Mason in the fight against the Houthi threat in Yemen.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that the US is leading a multinational task force to support the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation and that Iran’s support for the Houthi attacks on commercial vessels must stop. Reports in US media convey that US efforts to promote a multinational coalition to deal with the Houthi threat are encountering major difficulties following disagreements with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  


The head of Mossad, the prime minister of Qatar, and the head of the CIA met today in one of the European capitals. The three are apparently discussing the outlines of a breakthrough deal for the release of the abductees after ideas were exchanged between the mediators and Hamas in recent days.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant met today in Israel with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown, and other senior officials participated in the meeting.

Gallant, referring to Hezbollah, says that Israel will not hesitate to act in Lebanon if a diplomatic solution is not found.

On the Houthi issue, Secretary Austin stated that the US is leading a multinational task force to support the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation and that Iran’s support for the Houthi attacks on commercial vessels must stop.


Hezbollah’s chain of terror tunnels in Lebanon:

Israel must take constant military action against Hezbollah:

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