Photo: IDF Yahalom and 401st armored brigade have destroyed a major Hamas tunnel network under “Palestine Square” in Gaza City. Along with the IAF’s Shaldag unit, these forces also seized the Hamas “Elite Quarter”, where Hamas’ administrative and military leadership operated.

Northern arena:

The situation in the Northern arena appears to be deteriorating. While the IDF is increasing its retaliatory attacks against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon and beyond, Hezbollah on its part is increasing the frequency and intensity of its attacks, both on IDF military targets and on Israeli civilian communities and cities.

Last night, following the alerts that were activated in the Druze villages in the northern Israeli Golan Heights, Mas’ade and Ein Qiniyye, four rocket launches from Syrian territory that crossed into Israeli territory were detected. IDF forces attacked the sources of the launches as well as the Syrian army’s military position in Syria.

Just after midnight, sirens sounded in the communities of Kfar Yuval, Kiryat Shmona, Tel Hai, Kfar Giladi, Mayan Baruch, and Misgav-Am due to rocket launches from south Lebanon. Several of the rockets were intercepted, while others exploded in Kiryat Shmona and in an IDF post in the Margaliot area, causing damage to property. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the two attacks, declaring they were in response to the “continuing damage to the villages and homes of civilians.”

Furthermore, IDF forces identified a number of terrorists who approached the border fence from Lebanese territory in the Metula area. The IDF fired and eliminated the terrorists.

Lebanese media reported that at 23:30 last night, the IDF struck Hezbollah targets 50 kilometers from the Israeli border, close to the village of Bouslaiya, in Jabal Sefi, in the heart of Lebanon. Jabal Safi is located above an underground infrastructure and contains a Hezbollah strategic tunnel.

Overnight and this morning, IDF aircraft and artillery targeted Hezbollah terrorist infrastructures including an operational headquarters, as well as a rocket launcher used to fire into Israel the day before.

Hezbollah’s military media announced that at 00:30 on Thursday 12-21-2023, Hezbollah launched incendiary rockets towards the forests of Biranit.

Additionally, according to reports from foreign media Israeli fighter jets were reportedly spotted flying low above Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

Earlier this morning, Hezbollah launched rockets toward the community of Misgav-Am in the Galilee Panhandle.

Two anti-tank missiles were fired at 11:40 towards the areas of the Dovev and Avivim communities, damage was caused to an agricultural structure and a number of cars, and two Israelis were lightly injured from shrapnel. the IDF attacked the sources of the fire.

At 12:13 Due to several suspicious aerial targets that crossed from Lebanon into Israel territory, the residents of Snir, Ghajar, Shaar Yishuv, Dafna, HaGoshrim, and kibbutz Dan were instructed to enter their shelters and protected spaces. The aerial targets were successfully intercepted over Moshav Dalton. Soon after, at 12:58, sirens sounded in the Israeli village of Arab Al-Aramshe in western Galilee due to rocket launches from Lebanon.

15:31 – 5 anti-tank missiles were fired at an IDF post adjacent to the community of Margaliot in the upper Galilee region. An hour later, again, Hezbollah terrorists fired 2 ATGMs toward Moshav Ramot in the upper Galilee hitting a local house and causing serious damage. About an hour later, Hezbollah terrorists fired an ATGM at the community of Metula, in the Galilee Panhandle, striking a house. No injuries were reported.

Since midnight, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the above attacks against Israel.

South/ Gaza:

IDF spokesperson, RAdm. Hagari: “We have shifted our fight to the Darj Tupah neighborhood which is considered a focal point – from which rockets are launched towards Israeli territory, where one of Hamas’s dominant battalions operates. Tenacious and complex battles are expected to take place there.”

At 13:25 – a barrage of some 30 rockets were launched toward the Gush Dan and the center of Israel, sending thousands of Israeli citizens to the bomb shelters and to their protected spaces. Fragments of intercepted rockets fell in populated areas without causing injuries. In addition, Hamas fired rockets throughout the day at settlements surrounding Gaza.

IDF forces of the 36th Division gained an operational hold in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood. The forces will continue to hold the area and carry out targeted operations in the neighborhood according to operational needs.

The 99th Division, with combined forces of commando reserve troops, paratroopers, and reserve armor corps. completed a divisional operation in the Bakshi neighborhood, in the southern area of ​​Gaza City, to eliminate the Hamas Nuseirat Battalion, destroying underground infrastructure and weaponry.


The ISA revealed today that since the beginning of the war, Iranian security officials have been attempting to recruit and engage Israeli citizens to carry out security missions in Israel, using innocent web applications (e.g., courier services, photo shoots, online dating, etc.).

Yemen/Red Sea:

Israel’s southern port has experienced an 85% decline in activity since Houthi terrorists in Yemen, who are backed by Iran, increased their attacks on ships in the Red Sea, according to the head of Eilat Port in Israel.

Abdel Houthi, the leader of the Houthis: “We ask the Arab world to stand in the corner and watch and let America and Israel enter into a direct battle with us. We would very much like to enter into a direct battle with America and Israel and not with American mercenaries. America should know that it entered this war with the entire Yemeni nation and not with a particular group.” 


Wisam Mohammad Salim, an operative of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, was killed in southern Lebanon in one of Israel’s recent airstrikes.

Hezbollah is taking its first steps toward manufacturing its own wide-ranging air defenses.

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