Who fired rockets at southern Golan?

On January 1, there was incoming fire (apparently rockets) from Syrian territory into Israeli territory in the southern Golan Heights area. Such launches have been carried out several times since the war in the Gaza Strip began. The perpetrators of the shooting could be operatives of local militias operating under the auspices of the Shiite axis, Syrian Hamas operatives who came from Lebanon, or Islamic Jihad operatives. In response, on January 2, early in the morning, Syrian military bases were attacked in the area of ​​Kancher, south of Damascus. On the assumption that the confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon will escalate, the Syrian Golan Heights region will be directly affected by this. It will respectively escalate with an emphasis on strengthening the activities of Hezbollah’s Unit 142 (the Golan File).

(Re’em Tzuker)
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Tal Beeri

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