Neutralized Hezbollah Operatives’ Places of Origin

Three months. 153 dead for Hezbollah. 90 of them (most of the dead) come from 43 villages adjacent to Israel south of the Litani River. Two key insights: 1. Most of the dead are from the geographic units of Hezbollah operating in the South Lebanon sector (Nasser and Aziz units), most of whose operatives live in South Lebanon. 2. Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in South Lebanon is based on the “Resistance Society” in South Lebanon. To move Hezbollah’s military infrastructure away from the border with Israel, would require physically moving the Shiite villages away from the border with Israel, which is of course not possible. A diplomatic agreement will not separate the military and civilian infrastructure. Additional insights: – Many Radwan operatives come from the Beqaa region (some of them we were able to identify). According to the data, we estimate that between a quarter and a third of the dead so far belong to the Radwan unit. – To our understanding, 8 operatives were killed in Syria. 6 of them originated from the Bekaa (possibly connected to units related to the smuggling of weapons through the Iranian corridor).

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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