Operation Iron Swords: 2023 Israel–Hamas war

Updated statistics since October 7th. (Last updated January 29th)

What are the effects of the 2023 Israel-Hamas war?

  • Hamas is believed to have killed 779 Israeli civilians.
  • Since the beginning of the war, there have been 557 fallen soldiers, 220 of them from ground operations.
  • Hezbollah has lost 176 combatants.
  • Hamas is holding 136 Israelis in captivity. Four have been held by Hamas since 2014, and 132 were taken on October 7th. Hamas killed 24 in captivity, and three others died as a result of accidental fire.
  • The government evacuated 138,000 civilians in the south.
  • The government evacuated about 45 towns and cities, 60,000 civilians in the north, and another 20,000 did so on their own.
  • About 9,000 rockets were shot from Gaza to Israel, 2000 from Lebanon, and 30 from Syria. 10% of the projectiles failed and landed in Gaza and Lebanon.
  • 15,500 Israeli civilians and soldiers were treated for injuries in Israeli hospitals.
  • The IDF has eliminated over 10,000 combatants of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Northern Front.
  • Since October 7th in the West Bank, the IDF says troops have arrested more than 2,650 wanted Palestinians, including more than 1,300 affiliated with Hamas.
  • According to the IDF’s data, a total of 295,000 reservists have been called up since the beginning of the war.
  • The Houthis launched 37 attacks in the Red Sea against military and civilian targets.
  • There have been 18 incidents involving both attacks by and responses to the actions of the Houthis.
  • The UK-US allies reacted to the Houthis’ actions on seven occasions.

Northern Front

  • Attacks by Hezbollah claimed the lives of 13 IDF soldiers and five Israeli civilians.
  • Hezbollah claimed responsibility for 700 attacks.
  • Hezbollah has lost 176 combatants.

Map of Israeli Evacuated Communities in the North

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