With great sadness, two Israeli civilians in the Upper Galilee community of Yuval were killed due to anti-tank missiles launched by Hezbollah mid-day. Mira Ayalon and Barak Ayalon, mother and son, were killed in the attack. May their memory be a blessing.


Over the weekend, an escalation of hostilities was observed, with heightened activity on Saturday surpassing that of Friday. On Friday, two anti-tank missiles were launched toward Malkia in the Upper Galilee, prompting sirens in the Western Galilee’s Hanita. Several launches occurred, and one missile landed in open Israeli territory. In response, the IDF targeted Hezbollah’s terror posts and facilities in Southern Lebanon.

Saturday witnessed rocket and anti-tank missile launches targeting communities in the North, including Shtula in the Western Galilee, and Metula, Manara, and Yiftah in the Upper Galilee. Additionally, a hostile unmanned aerial vehicle infiltrated Israel from Hezbollah in the Misgav Am area. Fortunately, no casualties or damage to infrastructure were reported. The IDF responded comprehensively to these attacks.

Early Sunday morning, four terrorists from Lebanon crossed the border into Israel to carry out a terror attack against Israeli IDF posts on Mount Dov, located on the Lebanon-Syria border. During the attack, six patrolling soldiers were injured, and a prolonged exchange of fire ensued, resulting in the terrorists’ death. El-Az Battalion, a Hamas-led organization, claimed responsibility for the attack. In response, the IDF launched artillery strikes on Hezbollah targets in a-Naqoura, Alma a-Sha’ab, and Ayta ash Shab.

Hezbollah has taken responsibility for over 6 attacks in total today.

In response to the attack on the community of Yuval, and to ensure the safety of the Northern communities, movement restrictions have been enforced on several villages. Entry and exit are currently prohibited in the following areas: Ma’ayan Baruch, Kfar Giladi, Misgav Am, Yir’on, Bar’am, Tziv’on, Dafna, Dan, Manara, Yiftah, Malkia, Snir, Sasa, HaGoshrim, Kfar Sold, Shamir, Lehavot HaBashan, Gonen, Sde Nehemia, Amir, Kfar Blum, and Neot Mordechai. Furthermore, the IDF attacked Hezbollah infrastructure in Rab El Thalathine.

In a recent national address, Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, asserted that Israel has achieved nothing in the past 100 days since the October 7th attack by Hamas and the subsequent retaliation by Hezbollah the following day. He then declared that Hezbollah has been prepared for war over the past 99 days.


Over the weekend, the IDF continued its operations within the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas posts and infrastructure, discovering ammunition, and neutralizing threats. Concurrently, rocket launches were directed towards communities in Southern Israel. Regarding the kidnapped individuals, Hamas reportedly agreed to facilitate the delivery of necessary medications. This is expected to take place at the beginning of the upcoming week.

In the center of the Gaza Strip in the neighborhood of Al Mu’araqa, fighters of the 646th Brigade Combat Team located and destroyed two rocket launcher complexes ready for launch:


On the night spanning Thursday to Friday, military operations were jointly conducted by US and UK forces, supported by Australia, Holland, Bahrain, and Canada. These coordinated efforts resulted in approximately 60 strikes on 16 distinct targets affiliated with the Houthi forces in Yemen, employing both aerial and maritime assets.

In response to this military intervention, the Houthis retaliated by launching attacks on vessels belonging to the UK and US in the Red Sea, resulting in no reported casualties or damages. Following this, the United States responded by targeting additional Houthi positions within Yemen. This exchange of hostilities led to the Houthi forces’ assertion that any such actions will elicit a robust and consequential reaction.

This evening, according to reports from Yemen, there has been an American attack on Al-Hudaydah, located in the western part of the country.

Judaea and Samaria:

Friday night, a significant terror attack was successfully prevented as three Palestinians attempted to assault the Adura community. The individuals were promptly neutralized by the IDF, and upon inspection, ammunition, axes, and knives were discovered in their possession.

Following the targeted killing of Al-Arouri, a Hamas leader and top personnel, two of his sisters were apprehended by the IDF in the vicinity of Ramallah.


On Friday, the Foreign Minister of Jordan expressed concerns about the developments in the Red Sea, emphasizing their commitment to closely monitoring the situation due to its potential implications for regional security. Furthermore, he attributed responsibility to Israel, asserting that the failure of the international community to constrain Israel has exacerbated the situation.

International arena:

The UN Security Council convened on Friday to address the Gaza issue, prompted by a request from Algeria. The council affirmed that any movement of individuals within or out of the Gaza Strip must adhere to international law, stipulating that those individuals must be allowed to return. The Israeli Ambassador emphasized that there is no forced displacement in the region and that Israel has no intention to do so.

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