In the afternoon, sirens blared in the Western and Upper Galilee communities of Betzet, Liman, Rosh HaNikra, Shlomi, and Metula. One rocket landed in the area of Metula, with no reported injuries or damage to infrastructure. One mortar fell in the community of Manara, with no injuries or damage to infrastructure. Hamas in Lebanon took responsibility for launching at least 20 rockets into the area of a military facility in Liman. The terror cell that had fired rockets at Rosh HaNikra was targeted by an IDF drone strike within minutes, neutralizing multiple assailants:

Last night, the IDF launched a comprehensive attack utilizing fighter jets, tanks, and artillery, targeting Hezbollah’s terror infrastructure in the villages of Houla, Marwahin, and Ayta ash Shab. This action was in response to the launches directed at Israel by Hezbollah the previous day, prompting the IDF to retaliate against the sources of the attacks.

Commencing this morning, the IDF continued its operations by targeting terror infrastructure and military facilities of Hezbollah in Lebanon, with a specific focus on addressing threats originating from Ayta ash Shab and Al Dahra. Additionally, the IDF conducted an offensive against a terrorist group in Marwahin. In a separate incident, Hezbollah took responsibility for an attack on soldiers. According to the IDF anti-tank missile was launched towards the Gladiola outpost in Israel, leading to a swift response from IDF forces targeting the origins of the attack. An additional anti-tank missile was launched towards Biranit, prompting the IDF to respond with artillery. In response to today’s shootings, the IDF conducted an attack in Khiam and Ayta ash Shab, South Lebanon. Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for the shootings directed towards Mount Dov and the attack on soldiers in front of the Lebanese village Houla. The organization also acknowledged launching artillery attacks against soldiers, northeast to Netu’a, with no reported casualties or damages. An aerial vehicle entered this evening into the Upper Galilee, Israel, and the IDF has determined that the incident concluded.

Hani Bohsali, president of the food importers’ union, stated that due to the hostilities in the Red Sea, supplies might be delayed. The shipping will take an extra 15-20 days, and it might affect the market. The price of shipment has risen by 100%-150%, leading to an increase in food prices between 5%-12%.


During joint IDF and ISA operational activity, an IAF aircraft eliminated Bilal Nofal, who was responsible for interrogating individuals suspected of carrying out espionage activities against the terrorist organization Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. Nofal played a role in the advancement of Hamas’ research and development processes. His elimination significantly impacts the terrorist organization’s capacity to develop and enhance its capabilities.

Regarding the agreement between Israel and Hamas through Qatar to transfer medicines to hostages in Gaza, the Red Cross applauds this development, but there is uncertainty about the specific mechanism for delivering the medicines to the hostages. The IDF will check trucks of medical supplies upon entrance to ensure that no ammunition is transferred with them.

Israel’s Minister of Defense, Yoav Galant, emphasized that the peaceful existence of Israel is contingent on the dismantling of Hamas. He conveyed a commitment to continue efforts in Gaza until both the military and political control of Hamas are brought to an end, underscoring Israel’s dedication to ensuring its security and stability. Minister Benny Gantz stated this evening that the objectives of the war remain unchanged: the return of the hostages and a significant, enduring transformation in the reality of southern Israel.


Last night, Iran launched rocket attacks on two sites in Balochistan associated with the militant group Jaish al-Adl. The Pakistani Government strongly condemned the attack, emphasizing the likelihood of serious consequences.

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran asserted that the previous day’s attacks in Iraq were directed at the Mossad, allegedly working against Iran. Furthermore, the minister claimed that the terrorists killed in the attack on Pakistan had connections with Israel.

A member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was fatally shot in the country’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province, which shares borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Baluchi Sunni militant group Jaish al-Adl claimed responsibility for the killing of IRGC Colonel Hossein-Ali Javdanfar and two of his bodyguards in response to Iran’s regime targeting of their positions in Pakistan with missiles, killing two children and injuring three women.


Last night, a Yemenite military official declared that all ships heading to Israel are deemed legitimate targets. The response to the American-British aggression is anticipated to be extensive, robust, and unpredictable.

The United States is reintroducing the Houthis to the terror list, marking a reversal from their removal three years ago.

The CEO of Maersk stated that disruptions in the Red Sea are expected to persist for at least a few more months.

International arena:

The German government is considering providing tank ammunition to Israel. Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted that the current situation is unprecedented, with several Muslim and Arab countries expressing interest in normalizing relations with Israel. However, Blinken emphasized that any normalization should include the establishment of a Palestinian state. Regarding Gaza, he acknowledged the dire situation but stressed that Israel’s right to live in peace and security must be maintained, and events similar to those on October 7th should not recur.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the UK commented on the Gaza ceasefire issue, stating that certain conditions must be met: Hamas agreeing to release all hostages, ceasing control of Gaza, and ending rocket launches. Additionally, he emphasized the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza for the establishment of a stable government as a prerequisite for the ceasefire they are pursuing.

Alma Center Senior Staff and IDF Major (Res.) Avraham Levine on Live Now Fox with Josh Breslow:

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