The Assassination of Watsam Muhammad Saber (“Abu Bakr”) al-Saadi

In the assassination yesterday (February 7th) in Baghdad, a senior member of the Kataib Hezbollah militia, Watsam Muhammad Saber (“Abu Bakr”) al-Saadi, was killed. The militia was responsible for attacking the American base in Jordan (Tower 22) and killing three American soldiers. Abu Bakr, who was the target of yesterday’s attack, was reportedly in charge of the militia’s military activities in Syria. It seems that he was directly responsible for the attack on the “Tower 22” base. From his very role it can be understood that he was in close contact with the Quds Force and Lebanese Hezbollah. The announcements at his funeral march held today (February 8) read “The martyred great commander, Haj Abu Bakr al-Saadi, on the path to Jerusalem…”

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Tal Beeri

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