Jam Missile Development Project of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Iranian ballistic missile program is progressing at the underground IRGC Chamran Air Base outside the city of Jam. Terrain analysis of their own propaganda footage reveals the location of their operational Qiam-1 missile silos and what the base interior looks like on the inside…

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The original base interior footage is from an Iranian news channel special on IRGC ballistic missile exercises, codenamed Eqtedar-e-Velayat (اقتدار ولايت), which saw ballistic missiles fired from silo-based launchers in March 2016.

Qiam ballistic missile Specifications: Range: 800 Km (497 Mile) Warhead: 645 Kg (1,422 lb) Weight: 6,155 Kg (13,570 lb) Length: 11.5 meters (37.7 foot, 12.57 Yard) Fuel: Liquid.

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Colin David

Colin David

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