An Israeli Attack on Hezbollah’s Aerial Unit in the Bekaa Region

Yesterday (March 11) at around 10:30 pm, an IDF airstrike was carried out against several targets in the area of Baalbak in the Bekaa in eastern Lebanon. According to the IDF, the attack was aimed at targets related to Hezbollah’s aerial unit in response to a series of UAV launches into Israel in recent days.

Noting the many solar panels on the roof of the building that was attacked, the activity inside required the supply of electricity independently and regularly, perhaps for electronic components related to the Hezbollah aerial array. This is the second time an attack has been carried out in this area, about 100 km deep in Lebanon, an attack that is considered relatively unusual. In the Bekaa region, Hezbollah’s strategic assets are deployed, such as the assets of their aerial unit and long-range missile unit.

The Bekaa region is also used as a logistical rear of Hezbollah. In the context of the aerial unit, we are familiar with three airfields in the Bekaa that are used to operate UAVs.
Two equations were expressed: The first, an equation created by Israel, in which launching UAVs toward Israel would result in damage to Hezbollah’s aerial array. The second, created by Hezbollah, in which the more painful an Israeli attack on Hezbollah is, the more powerful Hezbollah’s response would be: The heavy volleys that were fired this morning (March 12) towards the Golan, in our estimation, testifies to this

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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