Is Israel responsible for Lebanon’s economic situation?

Dear Lebanese, if #Hezbollah drags Israel into an all-out war in #Lebanon, spare us and the world your future claims that you have no water and electricity, and your humanitarian situation is very bad…

The Lebanese water and electricity infrastructure collapsed and did not function for a long time before October 2023. We advise reading the survey that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Lebanon (OCHA) released on February 16 in order to learn more about Lebanon’s water infrastructure. The water infrastructure in Lebanon did not function regardless of the current situation. Only about a third of the Lebanese have access to drinking water from the public network. 56% of the Lebanese find it difficult to secure enough water for their day-to-day needs, and the problem worsens mainly in the peripheral areas. As for the electricity infrastructure, on which the water infrastructure also depends, 4-6 hours of electricity supply per day from the faltering public grid has been a sad routine for many years.

In addition, according to the Aldiyar daily (Mar. 10), as a result of events in Lebanon over the last four years, such as the Beirut port explosion and the coronavirus, the minimum monthly income has decreased to $600, which is only paid in large firms and cities. Furthermore, Lebanon has the world’s highest unemployment rate among people aged 18 to 28, at 47.8%, according to the International Labor Organization.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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