Hezbollah’s Fire Arrays Maintain Capability

  1. While overviewing and comparing Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel in February and March 2024, it appears that Hezbollah successfully maintained its competence in three main arrays: rockets array, UAVs array, and anti-tank missiles array.
  2. Hezbollah’s main array is the rocket array, whose intensity of activity is maintained overall (127 launch events in February compared to 132 events in March).
  3. The intensity of UAV launches has increased 3.5 times in March compared to February, from 7 UAV attacks compared to 24 in March. It is important to mention that in March, Hezbollah only took responsibility for 4 UAV attacks, perhaps to try to avoid an Israeli “comparative reaction”.
  4. Although the number of Hezbollah anti-tank missile attacks has decreased drastically, from 75 attacks in February to 48 in March, Hezbollah still maintains a significant capability.

(Note: An attack refers to a single event, not the number of projectiles)

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Tal Beeri

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