Hezbollah presents: A demonstration against foreign intervention in Lebanon (during which Iranian flags were hoisted…)

Convoy waving Iranian and Hezbollah flags

In response to the appeal of the Maronite Patriarch, Bechara al-Rahi, calling to hold an international conference sponsored by the United Nations to resolve the Lebanese economic and political crisis, Hezbollah supporters organized a demonstration on February 28.
The Hezbollah supporters, demonstrating in the heart of the southern suburbs of the capital Beirut, called for defending the sovereignty of the Lebanese state and protested against foreign interference… However, apparently, hypocrisy has no limits as their demonstration was accompanied by the flying of Iranian flags…

The motorcycle convoy waving Iranian and Hezbollah flags

During the demonstration, a convoy of motorcycles driven by young men affiliated with Hezbollah and Amal left the Hai-Salam neighborhood in the southern suburb of Beirut, continued on the Said Hady Nasrallah Highway, and roved around the Dahiyeh. The riders, embracing Hezbollah, Amal, and Iranian flags, chanted slogans in support of Tehran and support of Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah weapons.
Even though flying Iranian flags is a symbolic act, it is a substantive act indicating essence. Not only don’t most of Lebanon’s Shi’ite population in general and Hezbollah, in particular, consider Iran a foreign country, on the contrary, they consider themselves and Lebanon to be an organic element under the Iranian radical Shi’ite Islamic ideology.

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Dafna Messing

Dafna Messing

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